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0'20 Magazine: VFC's New Showroom

0'20 Magazine Taiwan posted photos of the new showroom of Vega Force Company (VFC). At first glance, you might be thinking it must be the bridge of Star Trek Enterprise looking futuristic and laser blasters are what is lacking on the gun walls. Must see place if you will be in Taiwan for some airsoft tourism thingy.

Click here to see more photos.

eHobby Asia Showroom Grand Reopening

After some dry runs with their new showroom, eHobby Asia finally had their grand reopening and it looked grand as based on the photos they posted at their Facebook Page. Lots of guests and well-wishers were there to check the new place, the displays, the products, and generally talk to the management and staff of the company.

eHobby Asia New Showroom Photos

Whilst local customers and visitors in Hong Kong await for the opening of the new showroom of eHobby Asia that they can visit, they have released photos of the showroom showing it already finished. Nothing to be seen yet, but at least we know that everything's being set-up and tested and you're welcome to visit them online and offline now.

Here are photos of the Showroom still being set-up.

RedWolf Airsoft New Showroom Sale

A trend for major airsoft retailers the world over is having a new showroom, a bigger store, and an even bigger warehouse. It seems that the airsoft business is still going strong even if the world economy is in tatters. RedWolf Airsoft is the latest to announce about their new showroom and a sale is announced to celebrate its opening.