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CA Micro Gun & Horny Unicorn M60

The title of this video by Scoutthedoggie will surely get your attention as he has his latest gameplay footage for everyone's viewing pleasure... "In this game two players patrol a road, between two teams, they are guarding objectives which the two teams are trying to capture, the more objectives the capture, the more points a team has and points mean prizes. Gary is using his new Classic army M132 (M134) microgun, James LeShirt is using an Ares M60 hidden underneath his horny unicorn."

Scoutthedoggie: This Ain't No M4

A custom lever action airsoft rifle comfortably hitting targets with automatic rifles, better guess what the base of this airsoft rifle in this Scoutthedoggie video... "A Home Made airsoft item, that actually works, now here's something unusual. The first time I saw this was in game and I just thought 'WTF is that?' Hitting targets 60+ meters away using .30g BBs."

Scoutthedoggie: Airsoft Mortar Test At Section8

A quick video by Scoutthedoggie at Section8 in Scotland on an airsoft mortar built by the game field owner... Testing an Airsoft mortar during a game at Section8 on 11th June 2017. The game was based on the Mel Gibson movie 'We Were soldiers'. Site owner Neil built this out of scrap metal, then he and Ricky has some ear splitting fun testing this on site during the game. My ears are still ringing."

Secutor Arms Rudis GBB Pistol Test

The Rudis pistols from Secutor Arms have reached the UK and Scoutthedoggie has video footage of these pistols being tested... "When Angelo from Airsoft Action magazine visited Section8 on Sunday 30th April, he brought two new items from a company called Secutor. He had the Rudis III and Rudis IV."

Scoutthedoggie: TM AA-12 & KSG Gameplay

Watch the Tokyo Marui AA-12 AES and the KSG Gas Shotgun in action in the same video courtesy of Scoutthedoggie at Scotland's Section 8 game site... "Featuring the Tokyo Marui AA-12 and Tokyo Marui KSG Multi-Shot shotguns. Recorded recently at Section8. Lots of other support guns are seen throughout this video, can you name them all?"

Scouththedoggie: Krytac Light Machine Gun

If listening to a fully automatic AEG is music to your ears, then listening and watching a Krytac LMG AEG in action courtesy of the Scoutthedoggie should make your day... "Ashley lays down suppressing fire with his new Krytac LMG. This is one of the lightest and most effective LMG's on the airsoft market right now."

Scoutthedoggie Xmas Airsoft Gameplay

Now we know where Santa Claus goes after a hard Christmas work to let some steam off and it is in Scotland. Scoutthedoggie spots him at Section 8 for an airsoft game and takes a video of him in action. Watch the video if you can find some elves and the reindeers in the background... "After the stress of parcel delivery at Christmas, Santa Claus took a break & joined us for some airsoft shoot 'em up action at Section8."

Scoutthedoggie: Ares Amoeba Striker S1

The Ares Airsoft Amoeba Striker S1 Sniper Rifle is seen in action at Section 8 in Scotland as shown in this video by Scoutthedoggie... "Young players are not featured enough in my videos, so here's 16 year old Sean & his friends at Section8, Sean is using the Ares Amoeba Striker S1 sniper rifle. With no upgrades, 1 of 600+ airsoft videos."

Scoutthedoggie: TAGinn TAG 67 Grenades

Check the new airsoft grenade from the Russian company, TAG Innovations/Airsoft Pyrotechnics. Scoutthedoggie has a video of the TAG-67 which is expected to be available soon in other parts of the world... "The new Russian grenade for airsoft, this is the TAG 67 made by Taginn it should soon be available throughout the UK, US & Europe."

King Arms BRO, ASG Bren 805 & Lonex

Scoutthedoggie features airsoft guns from King Arms, Action Sport Games (ASG), and Lonex with two of the airsoft celebs in Scotland as they test these at the range... "I met up with Ricky from Section8 & Jai from Epic Airsoft HD, with 3 new guns from King Arms, ASG and Lonex on the Section8 test range."