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Salty Old Gamer: Stop Overshooting

The Salty Old Gamer makes a case why players should stop overshooting for the need to nurture new players... "Getting overshot in airsoft is the pits. Losing a tooth in the process is insult to injury. This new player had an instant airsoft dental bill, and turned a video about how it's important to foster new players, and about airsoft overshooting, into a vid that's also about airsoft injuries. If you play with new kids, make sure they know what's going on and are having a good time.

DesertFox On Airsoft Problems: Overshooting

DesertFox Airsoft has a video about one frequent problem in airsoft games, which is overshooting or overkill. We have learned to live with it, but others may just have lower tolerance for such situation so always have that trigger control... "Happens every game, you put your red rag up and someone still decides to empty a magazine into you."