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Operator Drewski

Operator Drewski Tries World War 3

We get a first look at the World War 3 video game as Operator Drewski with Level Cap Gaming try the game. This is a multiplayer FPS video game with the game maps located in actual locations. There are two modes to play this game: Warzone for team-based gameplay which is more large scale; and Recon for tactical operations behind enemy lines.

Milsim Airsoft Player Tries SpeedSoft

Operator Drewski considers himself more of a milsim airsofter and tries his hand on SpeedSoft. Using the EMG F-1 Firearms BDR-15 AEG, will he be able to cope with a more fast paced game of SpeedSoft? Will he like SpeedSoft? Watch the video below to find out if those questions get answered:

Operator Drewski: EMG Warthog Airsoft

Operator Drewski goes into action with the EMG Warthog Airsoft. Available at Evike.com, this AEG is a collaboration between EMG and Shars Bros Firearms Design. This has a full metal receiver with the Aes EFCS which allows you to program the way it will fire. With an oversized trigger guard it comes with fully licensed Sharps Bros metal receiver.