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One Grunts Opinion

One Grunt's Opinion Live Show Ep. #2

As promised by Javier, Episode 2 of his One Grunt's Opinion Live Show Series is now online for those who missed the actual live show... "OGO Live Episode 2 is over. But it is up on Facebook to watch. On this weeks episode I talk, Veteran players compared to Civilian airsoft players in milsim. The mindset the attitude. Girls in milsim and airsoft in general. Do we need the poster GI Janes to be examples for the girls? You need less than you think to go to your first national event.

One Grunt's Opinion: Faded Giant 3

Darkhorse of One Grunt's Opinion can't make it to American Milsim's Fade Giant 3, but he'll be there in spirit, supporting the charity shoot organised with TNVC... "Next weekend is American MilSim Faded Giant 3. I went to last year's game and was planning on going this year but work and timing just didn't line up.  There is something special going on this year I do feel hasn't had enough press.