Bastards Community Event At Mr. Airsoft


Airsoft2go had their Supreme prototype at the Bastards Community Event hosted by Mr. Airsoft... "We were there with our SUPREME & CYCLONE airsoft weapons at the Airsoft BASTARDS community event on Mr.Airsoft! Participants were able to try out and play our best models for free. We have summarized the day. Thanks again to the Bastards and Mr. Airsoft for the great day and to LUAX from the @Tactical-Ricecooker who played our prototype of the SUPREME E12-RL."

Mr. Airsoft's National Airsoft Festival 2023 Review


Mr. Airsoft shares his experience at participating in the National Airsoft Festival 2023, one of the world's biggest annual airsoft events and held in the UK... "What's up guys! You join me at the BIGGEST Airsoft event in the UK! The National Airsoft Festival otherwise known as NAF!

This event is probably the best event in the UK for airsoft and literally anyone can get involved! With the massive camp field, 3k players, all the stalls and the bar you can be sure to have a smashing time!"

Game Changing Upgrades To The Silverback SRS


Mr. Airsoft features parts from Rapax, Stalker, and Silverback Airsoft that can be used to upgrade the Silverback SRS Airsoft Sniper Rifle... "These SRS Upgrades Are Game Changing (Airsoft Sniper Build). In todays video I am explaining my SRS Airsoft Sniper build. This applies to all SRS models including the A1 models.

(This Build Is For 0.48g BBs) Using other weight BBs will require a different piston weight/airbreak set up for optimal joules and consistency."

Are These The Best MK23 Upgrades?


Mr. Airsoft got an airsoft MK23 guide showing the best possible upgrades to this stealthy airsoft pistol... "What's up guys! Welcome to a much requested video! I am breaking down my MK23 and showing you guys exactly what internals I use to acheive the results I get. I also show chronograph results and you will be able to see how consistent this build is whilst running on Nuprol 2.0 Green Gas."

JG M16A4 High Speed SSG Build Overview


Mr. Airsoft shows how he put together this JG M16A4 High Speed SSG... "This video is an in-depth breakdown of my "cheapo" M16A4 high speed SSG build. I apologize if the audio at the end of the video turns out to be messed up (thanks Microsoft). If it is, I will upload a follow-up video of just that section, which should hopefully work without any issues.

I appreciate any and all feedback.

Thanks for watching."

King Arms CAA M4A1 CQB AEG Overview


Mr. Airsoft is impressed with the King Arms CAA M4A1 CQB AEG (known also as the CAAAD M4S1 AEG) and explains it in this overview video... "This gun is a beast. My brother has had it for about two-and-a-half years with zero issues. It has only been cleaned once, by me, just with silicone oil in the inner barrel (which I will not be using as a cleaning method anymore).

Cleaning The Cybergun P226 X-Five


Mr. Airsoft got tips for you on how to clean the Cybergun P226 X-Five airsoft pistol... "I'm not a big airsoft pistol guy (which means I don't do tech work on them), so don't expect a super detailed video here. I just wanted to get this video out of the way so that I could start planning for the next one. I will mention that I really enjoy owning this pistol; it is very intimidating, and it hits hard.

Leapers Tactical Adjustable Airsoft Gun Laser Price Drop


US$10 price drop for this laser at Mr. Airsoft... "Take your airsoft gun to the next level with the addition of this premium airsoft gun laser sighting device from Leapers. This fully adjustable laser features a full metal frame, with a super bright and clear beam. Extremely Clear and Bright Laser Beam for high visibility.  Excellent adjustments, with included allen wrenches. Weaver mounts fit most Tactical Firearms with or without Rail Slots"


Mr. Airsoft Black Eagle M6 Short Version rifle


Price drop of the sniper rifle at Mr. Airsoft. But you have to upgrade this to make it an effective bolt-action sniper rifle.. "Swiss Arms Black Eagle M6 Sniper Rifle The Swiss Arms M6 S is a smaller, lighter version of the Black Eagle M6. The gun has 2 pinch rails, easy mounting for a laser, a flashlight, or a scope. Swiss Arms Black Eagle M6 Sniper Rifle states on its box a velocity of 328 fps with .20 g BB.

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