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ECHO1 MP5 CQC Available Now In USA!

We're given a heads up from Echo 1 USA that their MP5 CQC is now in the USA. Check with your favourite airsoft retailer if they already have this in stock... "An exact replica of the famous sub-machine gun that many Special Operations units use today. It comes with the current version Navy style trigger group, upper rail and M4 style stock. It's retractable stock is designed for CQB use. ECHO 1 AEGs are fully upgradeable and compatible with all aftermarket external and internal parts.

Galaxy MP5K PDW Take Down Videos

Another video take from the Airsoft Combat Enthusiasts (ACE) Brigade's leading airsoft gunsmith, Bulletproof_mike. This is a video of taking down the Galaxy G5 (MP5K PDW) and how to upgrade it to taking a 9.6V battery to achieve a higher ROF. For those who are encountering problems for their Galaxy MP5K and PDWs, this is a must see video as it will be helpful in fixing and maintaining these babies.



Galaxy G5 MP5 PDW: Cute Li`l Devil

The Galaxy HK series is Galaxy's introductory line of airsoft guns. Altogether, the company has focused on producing the Personal Defense Weapons (PDW) category releasing three HK models: the MP5 PDW, the MP5K, and the MP7. I have the MP5 PDW and the MP7 since I prefer having foldable or retractable stock. My smaller size is also a factor since I'm just 5 feet and 5 inches, and weighing roughly 130lbs. Galaxy must have thought about me when it released its line of AEGs.

JG MP5 Navy Full Metal Now Available at Action Hobbys

Action Hobbys, a family-run business based in Milton Keynes that does sourcing and importation of AEGs and keeping the costs low, has now in stock the JG MP5 Navy Full Metal. I have been contemplating on getting one of these, but I am still awaiting some reviews/feedback from the field. First impression of this airsoft SMG is that it is a beauty having held it once. But of course, skirmish and take down reports would sure bring out its best and worst features.

Galaxy MP5 PDW and MP5K Price Drop at SHORTY USA

Editor's Note: This is originally titled as "JG MP5 PDW and MP5K Price Drop at SHORTY USA" when it was pointed out that markings of the "JG" models are actually Galaxy marks. Somebody at Shorty USA must think that all ACMs are Jing Gong models. The Galaxy MP5 PDW and MP5K models  are on sale at Shorty USA Tactical Gear. The Delaware-based airsoft retailer offers some of the lowest priced AEGs in the US online and has made a price drop in its JG stock.

Echo 1 USA Releases Trademark-Licensed Airsoft SMGs

Echo 1 USA Airsoft has finally come up with products that have licensed trademarks. It is releasing two SMG Airsoft replicas: the MP5  A4 RIS and the MP5 A5 RIS.  These products come with the standard Echo 1 30-day limited warranty.  Echo 1 outsources its AEG manufacturing in China and provides faster support to its American customers as it fully confirms that it is a truly American company.