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Airsoft MG36 First Game Play Video

A custom MG36 AEG using a Classic Army G36K AEG as the base gun gets into action for the first time in this video from Whiskey Tango Foxtrot... "Well, the Plastikwerfer is nearing completion. In this video, Joe uses the Classic Army G36K that is being converted into an MG36.

Tactical Shirts Airsoft: JG MG36 AEG

Another Jing Gong AEG brought out the field. In this video, Tactical Shirts Airsoft of Spain takes out the Jing Gong MG36 AEG for a review. Based on the Heckler & Koch MG36 (E variant means "Export"), which is a squad automatic weapon from the H&K G36 family. Though the real one is not in production anymore, you can still find it in airsoft from Jing Gong as well as SRC.