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Max Cherepenin

Max Cherepenin's Airsoft Gun Wall

We see another YouTube airsoft celeb show his airsoft gun wall. Max Cherepenin is redesigning his gunn wall that will carry over 30 airsoft guns. That's a lot of guns... "In the works for a while and finally got down to updating some things! More to come and more guns to go up on this wall soon!"

WE Airsoft Chrome G17 GBB Pistol

With his gun wall finally finished, we get to see more of Max Cherepenin's airsoft guns inn the background. For this video, he features the Chrome G17 Gas Blowback Pistol from WE Airsoft and he is happy with what they have produced. It is actually a two-tone GBB pistol with the Chrome being the slide whislt the lower frame is black.... "Hope you guys enjoy this video! This will show why I love this variant of glock!"

KJW Mad Max Open Double Barrel Mod

Max Cherepenin shows you to do a mod to the KJ Works Mad Max airsoft shotgun. This will allow you spew out more BBs with an even bigger spray. Something you want for maximum effect... "Pretty epic and easy mod without having to do any permanent changes. This is easily reversible!

King Arms M79 Launcher Shooting Demo

Get another look of the King Arms M79 Grenade Launcher which is on the market for years now. Max Cherepenin does a shooting demo with this thumper... "HI Guys, hope you enjoy this shooting demo of the King Arms M79 grenade launcher! Please come see my review and unboxing video of this airsoft gun! Please try not to confuse this as the China Lake, it is a different style."

KJW Mad Max Shooting Review

Max Cherepenin continues with his review of the KJ Works Mad Max Double Barrel Shotgun, concluding it with this shooting test... "Finally back to some airsoft content! Hope you guys enjoy this shooting review of the KJW Mad Max Double Barrel Shotgun."

KJW Mad Max Airsoft Shotgun Review

We get to take another look at the KJ Works Mad Max Sawed-Off Double Barreled Shotgun in this video review by Max Cherepenin. This shotgun has a full metal frame and barrel and has real wood furniture. Being double barreled it is also dual trigger with a heavy duty locking break lever. It comes with 2 6-round airsoft shotgun shells when purchased.

Max Cherepenin's Airsoft Gun Collection

Now to turn us green with envy is Max Cherepenin who shows us his airsoft gun collection. Take note which gun he has that you don't have in your own personal airsoft armoury... "HI Guys hope you guys enjoy this video and be sure to checkout my reviews of each one that i have in my airsoft rifle playlist."

WE/KJW/EF Glock Barrel Compatibility

Max Cherepenin got another video on the compatibility of Glocks from WE Airsoft, KJ Works, and Elite Force. This time he covers inner and outer barrel compatibility... "Per the request from several of you! Here is a test with seeing how compatible the WE/KJW/Elite Force blocks are in terms of the inner and outer barrels. Thanks for watching!"

Airsoft Glock Pistol Compatibility Part 2

Max Cherepenin checks the compatibility of the varius Glock-style airsoft pistols in the market with the release of the Elite Force Glock 17 GBB Pistol made by VFC with license from Umarex. The Elite Force version should be the most faithful replica of the original so watch how Max mix and matches frames of the different G17 offerings for compatibility.

KJW vs. WE vs. Elite Force Glocks

Now this is interesting. Max Cherepenin compares the new Elite Force/Umarex Glock to the KJ Works and WE Airsoft versions. Too bad there is no Marui included in the comparison... "Hi Guys now that i have the Elite force glock, as promised lots of glock related contact to come! Hope you all enjoy this video!"