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Invader Gear

Invader Gear Reaper ATP Plate Carrier

Romanian airsoft retailer Airsoft6 feature the Reaper ATP Plate Carrier from Invader Gear in this video.... "This tactical vest is a molar laser cutting platform manufactured by Invader Gear. The front model is made of nylon material and is covered on a large part of the surface with cut molar laser fastening systems. The waist dimensions are adjustable both in width and height, allowing a firm fit on the user's body.

Reapers Airsoft: Invader Gear & Viper

Two plate carriers for use in airsoft from Invader Gear and Viper Tactical get reviewed by Reapers Airsoft... "Hi! Max has again looked at two plate carriers for you, the Invader Gear 'COMBO' and the Viper Lasercut 'DELUXE'. The Invader is currently in Flecktarn, ATP, Canadian Digital, Digital Woodland, Digital Desert and Olive for 145 euros to get the Viper Lasercut Deluxe are currently only Vcam and Olive available at Begadi."

Invader Gear Predator Pants & Combat Shirt

It's a combat clothing set from Invader Gear this time for Antre du Dingo Dingchavez to go over for this video review... "Need an new BDU? Don't know what to buy? Maybe Invader Gear will be your next choice... Predator pants and combat shirt in ATP cammo. Thanks to Airsoftzone for the outfit."

Invader Gear 6094A Plate Carrier Review

Nuke Airsoft reviews the Invader Gear 6094A Plate Carrier which is a replica oft he LBT 6094A and available at the Austrian retailer Airsoft Zone... "Review of Invader Gear 6094A Plate Carrier! A very high quality Plate Carrier for advanced players!"