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Infamous Airsoft

Infamous Airsoft: Krytac MK2 PDW Gameplay

Infamous Airsoft brings the Krytac Trident MK2 PDW AEG to a CQB game to find out how it performs... "An incredible day of confrontation CQB with the small wonde, the MK2 PDW of Krytac that friends from RedSpot sent me. For fans of Airsoft and M4, here is a very compact version that really surprises. I hope you find this educational.

Best Moments In Airsoft 2017 (In Spanish)

Infamous Airsoft recalls what happened in 2017 as he prepares for the next year... "THE BEST OF INFAMOUS AIRSOFT, in  Latin America. A summary of the best of the channel in 2017, revisiting the moments that you chose as the most memorable and the best Fails of the year in Airsoft. A quick look at all the material of the year, so that they can take advantage of remembering moments they might have forgotten...

Airsoft Innovations XL Burst Gameplay

Here is an actual gameplay footage where the Airsoft Innovations XL Burst Grenade is brought to play by Infamous Airsoft. The XL Burst is the most recent release from Airsoft Innovations and is useful for room clearing or to announce your presence when you are about to "go loud."... "Finally a gameplay of grenades, and what better than to do it with the XL Burst of Airsoft Innovations, a noise grenade that detonates by impact and powered by Green Gas.

Infamous Airsoft: Walther PPQ Review

Infamous Airsoft reviews the Walther PPQ Gas Blowback Pistol made by VFC. He highly recommends this to new airsoft players as the perfect airsoft pistol to start with... "In this video, in addition to trying it out and making a Review of it, I will put it to the test in an intense airsoft full CQB Gameplay. This replica has already been on the market for several years, but continues to be an economic model, of quality and perfect for beginners.

Infamous Airsoft's First Milsim Game

Infamous Airsoft finally gets to play his first milsim event that he has been planning to do so for a long time... "On this occasion with a goal I have pending for some time now, is to record my participation in a MILSIM airsoft game. This recording covers the Mors Ab Alto event that was held in Olmué, Chile on September 2, 2017 by the production company Milsim One. In this event I was part of the US DEVGRU unit that had to infiltrate Russian territory to check the chemical weapons trade.

KWA RM4A1 Gen 3 ERG Review

Infamous Airsoft now starts doing airsoft gun reviews starting with the KWA RM4A1 Gen 3 ERG... "For the first time on the Channel I will do a Review, and to start big, I will start with the first model of the 3rd Generation of KWA Retraction Electric Replicas , RM4A1. In addition to talking about the components and performance of the replica, I will focus on showing how you perform on court and convey the feeling of the Electric Recoil."

Infamous Airsoft: Echo1 Troy TRX10

Infamous Airsoft gets to use the Echo1 Troy TRX10 AEG for the first time in a gameplay where he gives a commentary on how it performs. Turn on the language caption again for this to follow the commentary... "An interesting Gameplay/Review of this electric variant M4 ... It is said that it is my first experience with this platform.

ICS BLE-XAE Pistol Gameplay Review

Infamous Airsoft takes the ICS Airsoft BLE-XAE Gas Blowback Pistol for a gameplay review... "I will test this secondary replica on a dynamic Gameplay in Spanish, where we can see your response, accuracy and performance. I also do a small review on the main features and all the elements in this packahe. I hope you enjoy and share this useful Review/Gameplay."

Cybergun FN P90 AEG Gameplay Test

Infamous Airsoft of Chile brings out the Cybergun P90 AEG to play to test it better. Turn language captions as this review as done in Spanish... "In this edition, a very educational Gameplay Test of the Cybergun FN P90 is conducted. To test this Airsoft replica effectively, I tried it in a game at Delta Paintball with my friends from the League of Shadows, all in the context of full CQB, which should be perfect for a rifle like this."