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ToyTec Calico M100 Super Model Review

The airsoft gun that we want introduced back to airsoft, the space-age looking M100 Super Model from Calico. This Vintage Airsoft review by Hyperdouraku is about the ToyTec Calico M100 Super Calico version (there is another one from MGC). Introduced in 1988, this HPA-powered airsoft gun packs 1000 rounds each time.

Read the full review here.

Hyperdouraku 0.16g Photon Tracer BBs

Hyperdouraku got his own 0.16g Tracer BBs called Photon BB. Why such a weight? Well, his idea is that a 0.16g BB weight is ideal for indoor CQB games as wind factor is not exactly an issue as compared to outdoor games. Having them phosphorescent BBs or tracer BBs brings the fun in dimly lit CQB game sites, and a delight for those who use action cams to get gameplay videos.

Hyperdouraku Custom Gun Contest Winners

Now on its 11th year, Hyperdouraku announces the latest winners of the Custom Gun Contest. This shows some of the best custom guns made by Japanese airsoft players which over the years show some amazing designs. For this year, the chief judge is legendary airsoft gun designer Tanio Koba and does the winner announcement.

Read more about the winners here and below is the winner announcement:

Hyperdouraku: Shot Show Japan 2017

Hyperdouraku writes about the Shot Show Japan 2017 which took place last 2-3 September in Osaka. According to him, this is the largest militaria event in Western Japan. Lots of stuff to be seen in airsoft here which not only showcases airsoft products made in Japan but from the rest of East Asia as well.

Hyperdouraku: Classic Army M132 Micro Gun

Hyperdouraku checks out the Classic Army M132 Micro Gun that was on display at the Hobby Shop Izumo booth during the Shot Show Japan 2017 Spring Edition that was held in Osaka. The Classic Army M132 Micro Gun is a smaller and more affordable version of the Classic Army Mini Gun and just like its big brother is a hybrid electric and gas airsoft gun.

Hyperdouraku: G&G GC16 Predator Review

Next up for Hyperdouraku to review is the G&G GC16 Predator AEG. At first glance, you will think of it as a WarSport LVOA Wirecutter Handguard with the KeyMod features, a testatment that WarSport's design has influence in airsoft. This AEG has integrated MOSFET and can be programmed to fire at full auto or 3 round bursts. The receiver is a full metal billet receiver.

Hyperdouraku: S-Thunder Claymore

We wonder what S-Thunder is doing nowadays as we rarely here from them. They are still in business, so it seems as Hyperdouraku gets to review ther S-Thunder Gas Powered Claymore Mine. This airsoft Claymore mine can hold a charge for 24 hours and can either discharge powder or 6mm BB pellets (used BBs can be used too). As for trigger it can be with a supplied RF wireless remote control or an IR sensor.