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Hephaestus HTs-14 2017 Ed. Now Shipping

The Hephaestus Custom HTs-14 GBB 2017 Edition is now shipping according to the company is finally shipping. Last month, they announced they the shipment was to be delayed due to some unforeseen issues... "Sorry to have kept you waiting. Hephaestus Custom HTs-14 GBBR (ver.2017) are being dispatched to our distributors and shall be available very soon (exact date depends on location, please see below).

Hephaestus HTs-14 2017 Edition Delayed

For those who are waiting for the 2017 edition of the HTs-14 Gas Blowback Rifle from Hepheustus, here is an update from the company. Just a bit of waiting further as there delays in production prior to its release... "WE ARE SORRY... Due to mistakes in our arrangement, the release date of Hephaestus Custom HTs-14 GBBR (ver.2017) is expected to be postponed to September 2017.

WGC: Hephaestus HTS-14 GBB 2017 Edition

WGC Shop are now taking pre-orders for the 2017 Edition Hephaestus Custom HTS-14 Gas Blowback Bullpup. Produced in cooperation with GHK Airsoft, it is made of aluminium and steel with the Hephaestus simulation recoil spring guide & spring. Out of the box it has an initial muzzle velocity of 360-390fps on 0.20g BBs and Top Gas.

Hephaestus Custom HTs-14 Gas Magazine

Hephaestus Airsoft  finally reveal their latest project due for release this month, a Compact Gas Magazine for the HTs-14 GBB... "It has been a long time since last update as we are having our hands full with the new projects. How about some news about the Custom Mag for HTs-14?

Hephaestus Mount Base for HTs-14

Hephaestus posted new which owners of the Hephaestus HTs-14 Gas Blowback Bullpup Rifle should look forward to --- the Mount Base for the HTs-14. This allows users to install optics and other weapons accessories on the HTs-14. This is CNC-machined aluminium and has a locking lever to secure the mount base on the HTs-14 GBB. This is a limited edition release so check with your retailers as soon as possible if you want to get one.

Mach Sakai: Hephaestus HTs-14 GBB Review

We missed this post at the end of May 2014 by champion Japanese Shooter, Mach Sakai, in which he reviews the limited edition Hephaestus HTs-14 Gas Blowback Bullpup Rifle designed in cooperation with GHK Airsoft. He enjoys the blowback of this compact rifle and he says lucky are those who got this limited rifle as it is a rare item in terms of gas blowback rifles being a bullpup one.

Dummy Supressor for HTs-14 Test Video

That's a big, big can being designed by Hephaestus Airsoft for their HTs-14 Gas Blowback Bullpup that was developed together with GHK Airsoft. The dummy suppressor is still a prototype and we don't know how front heavy the HTs-14 will be with it. A tracer unit was inserted inside the can to test it too. We don't know if the tracer unit is a third-party product or developed by Hephaestus, though we know if will have to purchased separately when released.

Hephaestus HTS-14 GBB Back In Stock

On the look-out for any stray Hephaestus HTS-14 Gas Blowback Rifle? The first batches have already been snapped up and more are still looking for this limited edition GBB-R. Bunny Workshop have announced that they have restocked on the HTS-14 so better hurry and order one before others beat you to get whatever in stock. Price for this custom and limited edition bullpup GBB is US$590.00.

Exclusive Hephaestus HTs-14 "001" Photos

An exclusive given to us by our friends how right now possess a Hephaestus Custom HTs-14 Gas Blowback Bullpup AK bearing the serial no. "001" which means it is the first HTs-14 GBB produced in the limited edition run by Hephaestus Custom in cooperation with GHK Airsoft. You may ask if it is for sale, you may need to contact us and ask the owner if they are selling it. More photos below:

RWTV On Hephaestus HTs-14 GBB

Some good points that Tim raised on the Hephaestus HTs-14 Gas Blowback AK which is now pre-order at RedWolf Airsoft... "No matter what Tim thinks of an airsoft gun, whether it's ugly or just not his type he will review it! Next in line is the Hephaestus HTS-14 and Tim tries his very hardest to give you a fair review on it."