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G&P-PolarStar Complete HPA Airsoft Guns

PolarStar Airsoft shares the photos of their latest venture, complete HPA-powered airsoft guns with G&P... "Check out these shots that G&P posted up of the rifles they are building! We've been consulting on this joint project to develop their rifles which incorporate our JACK system and a integral regulator which allow the HPA air tank to be threaded directly into the back of the receiver. Pretty slick looking!"

PolarStar Airsoft MRS Pressure Quick Demo

PolarStar Airsoft posted a video showing how well their MRS (Modular Regulator System) holds up to its set pressure. The MRS which will be available soon to airsoft retailers such as Airsoftjunkiez is an ultra compact regulator that is threaded directly to the HPA tank, removing the need for a separare UFA and keeps the airsoft player's rig profile to a minimum.

Wolverine Wraith Now At The Grange

The CO2 Stock from Wolverine Airsoft called the Wraith is now available at The Grange Airoft. No need for a line to connect a CO2 tank for your rifle as it will be in stock. Also in stock at their store is the Wolverine Airsoft Inferno Gen 2 HPA Engine. Click here to find more about these products... "The Wraith has landed: HPA Performance without the line.

ASG Scorpion EVO 3A1 HPA Review Part 1

Krikke Airsoft got one of the first ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 that is powered by the Wolverine Airsoft Inferno Gen. 2 HPA Engine. As far as we know you cannot just install a Wolverine Inferno Engine to drop in to the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 AEG as the version it uses was made specifically for it... "Unboxing my new airsoftgun, ASG scorpion EVO 3A1. Had some troubles with the first test, that shows how important the dwell seems to be.

Wolverine Reaper V2 Spartan Edition

Airsoft Atlanta got the Spartan Edition of the Wolverine Airsoft Reaper V2 HPA Engine in stock right now... "The Reaper is a new HPA airsoft system from Wolverine that features a true 'closed bolt' firing system. The air is locked and loaded for its first shot, ready to go. It's pretty much a hybrid combination of the Inferno and the BOLT (semi-auto) system wrapped up into a nice HPA package.

AirsoftJunkiez Custom Cerakote JKC HPA

Airsoftjunkiez announce their Custom Cerakote JKC HPA Rifle that comes with a receiver that has its own Airsoftjunkiez markings. This is a Custom VFC Airsoftjunkiez with a Cerokated Body and kitted with a Magpul ACS Stock, Mega Arms 15", PTS EPG Pistol grip, PWS FlashHider, Prowin Hopup & Custom bucking, and 363mm 6.03mm SS TightBore inner barrel. It has an initial muzzle velocity of 320-490 FPS with 0.20g and an ROF of 20-33 BBs as configured.

ASG EVO Wolverine Inferno Review

The ASG Scorpion Evo HPA Wolverine Inferno is now in stock at and they get to review it to find out what it offers for those looking for an HPA-powered airsoft gun... "The EVO is the first factory-produced HPA gun! It maintains all the features of the AEG version such as: 4 stage select-fire, empty mag detection, and a functioning bolt-release."

Airsoftjunkiez: MRS Regulator Pre-Order

Airsoftjunkiez are now taking pre-orders for the PolarStar Airsoft MRS Regulator which they are expecting to be ready to shipped to retailers by the end of this month. You can purchase this together with a 42-inch breaded line from them... "Introducing the new Modular Regulator System (MRS) designed and manufactured by PolarStar Airsoft. This ultra compact regulator stands just 3 inches tall and threads directly onto the HPA tank.

Gunfire Specna Arms Custom HPA Rifles

Gunfire are coming up with custom HPA-powered airsoft guns using Specna Arms AEGs as base guns and powered by the Valken V12... "Check out the latest addition to our offer. This time we've added new custom HPA replicas made from Specna Arms with the use of Valken V12 HPA engine."

The Making Of World's Fastest Airsoft Gun?

Well, we really don't keep tabs of records in airsoft (which should be a nice idea btw) so this one cannot be really confirmed. However, if nobody shows up with an old or newer video showing that theirs is the fastest, we can take this in good faith. Giaco Whatever shows how he is building his "World's Fastest Airsoft Gun" in this video... "I didn't actually calculated its speed yet but I'm pretty sure I'll make it the World's fastest airsoft gun... You'll see... ;)