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Mach Sakai: S&T HK417 AEG Quick Review

S&T got an airsoft HK417 AEG that is available in the Japanese market. The RAS and stock tube made of metal, the stock is nylon fibre whilst the outer barrel is aluminum alloy. As this is an HK417 it has a Version 2 long tyype gearbox. Mach Sakai checks it for external details, operations, and a quick performance test.

Umarex/KWA HK417 GBBR At WGC Shop

WGC Shop are now taking orders for the Umarex HK417A2 Gas Blowback Rifle made by KWA... "GBB pro manufacturer, KWA, just release the pre order of their HK417 GBB. It's 12 inches barreled, coming with flip up sight and slim line stock. KWA GBB is always your best choice for GBB."

Mach Sakai: KSC HK417 GBB Prototype

Japanese airsoft players will soon be able to use a HK417 Gas Blowback Rifle according to Mach Sakai. He shows a prototype of the KSC HK417 GBB Rifle he saw during the Toy Gun Festival. Fully licensed, this is already available outside of Japan in the form of the Umarex/KWA HK417 as the KSC version needs to be made to meet Japanese requirements.

LWA: Umarex/KWA HK416 & HK417 GBBs

Land Warrior Airsoft got the Umarex HK416D and HK417 Gas Blowback Rifles made by KWA in stock... "We are now stocking the new KWA made HK416 D and HK417 gas blowback rifles from UMAREX! ​Both of these rifles are updated versions of the much loved earlier models, kitted out with slim line stocks and ambidextrous selector, bolt release and magazine releases. Shooting around 330 fps these are a great addition to any armoury, for use indoor and out! Spare magazines are also available and in stock!"

ASGI Tactical Gear Heads: HK417/G28

Airsoft GI got a new member and his name is Taylor. As mandatory thing for their frontline staff, they have to do a Tactical Gear Heads video to show the loadout they usually prepare for an airsoft event... "Taylor is our newest tech in the GI family. He wanted to show off his load out to everyone! With his Gas Blowback H&K 417!"

VFC HK417/G28 Magazine Feed Solution

Having feeding problems with your Mid-cap magazine with the VFC HK417 and G28 airsoft rifles? Black_ARC Airsoft found a solution to the problem, so better grab those springs from MAG... "This video shows how to fix 417/G28 mid-cap magazine feed problem. MAG High Strength Spring for Systema PTW Magazines."

Umarex (VFC) HK416s & HK417 At eHobby Asia

A selection of fully-licensed HK416 and HK417 airsoft guns from Umarex (OEM VFC) are in stock right now at eHobby Asia. Choose from amongst the following: HK416C AEG, HK416D V2 AEG, HK417 350C AEG, and the M27 IAR AEG. Just click on the links below to learn more about these:

Umarex (VFC) H&K HK416C AEG Airsoft Rifle

WGC Shop: Umarex HK417 Benghazi Edition

WGC Shop announce that they now have in stock the Umarex/VFC HK417 GRS 16 Inches (Benghazi Edition) based on the rifle used in the "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" movie... "The 16in barrel on 9in rail HK417 AEG/GBB configuration, aka Benghazi movie or patrol Edition, are just released."

Enhanced Buffer Kit For VFC HK417 GBB

Coming soon is the Hephaestus Airsoft Enhanced Buffer Kit for the VFC HK417 GBB. This is a CNC'd aluminium casing with steel weight insert which will help in a heavier kick and sharp recoil without sacrificing ROF and gas efficiency. Removing the steel weight insert will give a different shooting experience.

WGC Shop: VFC HK417 16" GBB Rifle

WGC Shop posted photos of the newly released VFC Heckler & Koch HK417 Gas Blowback Rifle on their Facebook Page. Fully licensed to use the H&K trades by Umarex, this is a 16-inch gas blowback rifle that can be utilised as a DMR in milsim events. No pricing yet, and many hope the GBB version of the G28 will be available soon.