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Airsoft GI: Umarex H&K UMP .45 AEG

Airsoft GI drops the price for the Elite Force/Umarex H&K UMP .45 AEG made by Ares Airsoft... "The Umarex H&K UMP .45 Elite Next Gen AEG Airsoft Gun By ARES is one of the top-of-the-line universal submachine guns being offered by Umarex and Elite Force. Heckler & Koch developed the UMP in 1999 as the successor to the famed MP5 SMG, offering more power in a lighter, more affordable design.

Umarex/VFC H&K G3A3 GBB-R Review

BB2K Airsoft does a comprehensive review of the Umarex/VFC H&K G3A3 Gas Blowback Rifle, taking him over one for a video review... "My personal record broken! Over one hour review of the HK G3A3 gasblowback from Umarex / Vega Force Company. Unbelievable but there is a lot to tell. If you do not want to see everything, it is best to use the chapters (see below), which I have created for you as usual.

Evike: EF Limited Edition MP5K Kit announce that they are expecting a fully licensed Limited Edition Heckler & Koch MP5K Kit from Elite Force soon. Now the question is, will it be compatible to what MP5 AEG? Find out more in this video... "One of the first high-end MP5K's coming from Elite Force.  Choose your path: With or without the folding stock. Coming soon to"

G&G H&K MP5A4 AEG Tutorial

Timothy Lam shows you how to put the G&G HK MP5A4 together again in this tutorial video... "Quick reassembly and tutorial video of the G&G MP5A4 AEG SMG, This video was made for buyers who purchased this item and might need help reassembling their new gun. This is shipped dissembled so it can fit into a USPS Priority Box!

Vickers Tactical: H&K MP5/40 SMG

Shown in all 4K or Ultra High Definition glory with slow-mo scenes by Vickers Tactical is the Heckler & Koch MP5/40 SMG. This was produced by the German arms manufacturer from 1992 to 2000... "Larry takes a look at a variant of the classic H&K MP5 series, the MP5/40 in .40 S&W."

Airsoft GI: Elite Force H&K VP9 Overview

An overview of the Elite Force H&K VP9 GBB Pistol by Airsoft GI and they got both the black and two-tone versions in stock. This is the TAC version that comes with a 22-BB magazine and full H&K trades. OEM by VFC, it has ambidextrous operation and lower extended Picatinny MIL-STD-1913 rail and actual effect loaded-chamber indicator.

Airsoftology: H&K VP9 GBB Pistol

The VP9 from Heckler & Koch, which was released in 2014, is now available in airsoft form. Announced in 2016, this is being produced by Vega Force Company and will be released outside of Asia under the Umarex and Elite Force brands. The real deal VP9 is a striker-fired pistol with a polymer frame and it is improved rom the HK P30 type. Airsoftology gives us a review of the airsoft version.

Airsoft Atlanta: EF H&K VP9 GBB Review

The Elite Force H&K VP9 Gas Blowback Pistol, OEM by VFC is available now at Airsoft Atlanta and here is their take on this airsoft handgun... "This is the high-end full green gas blowback model featuring full metal parts where it counts. Licensed HK trademarks. If you want a killer airsoft pistol, this is it! Fully adjustable hop up system. Full warranty from Umarex. The black color has a standard barrel.

Umarex/VFC H&K USP At WGC Shop

WGC Shop now got in stock the fully licensed H&K USP GBB Pistol from Umarex OEM by VFC... "First full size USP 9mm model with fully authorized markings, and all appearance realistic structure, the VFC USP is a perfect replica in process and material.

VFC/Umarex H&K VP9 Gas Blowback Pistol

Tkn27 goes over the Umarex Heckler & Koch VP9 Gas Blowback Pistol made by VFC which has been available in the airsoft market for sometime now... "This is the VFC/Umarex H&K VP9 in grey! The first thing that really stands out about this pistol is the blowback. It kicks really hard, almost as hard as a CO2 pistol! Aside from that, it is very ergonomic and comes in a good size (similar to the Glock 19).