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Mil-Spec Monkey: Brolis At SHOT Show 2019

Mil-Spec Monkey got a representative of Brolis, a company based in Lithuania to talk about the M3 Aiming Laser that was developed together with Heckler & Koch. The M3 was on display at the SHOT Show 2019... "Brolis presents their M3 aiming laser package in collaboration with HK. English is not their first language so cut them some slack for still trying to present anyway!"

Mil-Spec Monkey: H&K SHOT Show 2019

More SHOT Show 2019 videos from the Mil-Spec Monkey with this video showing him visiting the Heckler & Koch booth to check out what is on display and available for the U.S. civilian market... "Derek Giddings presents the VP9 Longslide, HK 416 22cal configurations, and new HK optic mounts."

Schmidt & Bender 3-20x50 PMII Replica

BB2K Airsoft reviews a replica of the scope used for the G28 rifle which we first reported here last year... "The H&K G28 from Umarex and VFC is a really nice Airsoft replica of the original Heckler & Koch G28. In the delivery you had thought of everything, only the right RedDot and the scope were missing. The red dot was not a problem. There are many replicas and even the original could be afforded to the emergency.

TFB TV: H&K Light Machine Guns

Take a look at the LMGs from Heckler & Koch in this episode of the The Firearm Blog TV... "In this episode of TFBTV, James looks at Heckler & Koch's light machine guns and general purpose machine guns. The story starts with the HK21, a selective fire roller-delayed blowback-operated firearm. The HK21 was a .308 belt fed machine gun introduced in 1961 and was based on the HK91 or the G3. Accordingly, the HK21 uses a modified G3 receiver.

BB2K Airsoft: MGC H&K P7M13 GBB

Bruce gets a rare classic airsoft gun designed by Tanio Koba for MGC in 1995, the MGC H&K P7M13 GBB... "Today I show you the so far only Airsoft GBB version of a H & K P7M13. This rare replica was made in 1995 by MGC (Model Gun Corporation). Responsible for this brilliant replica was none other than Tanio Kobayashi (Tanio Koba). I searched for a long time and my patience was rewarded twice over the years.

Elite Force: H&K 416A5 AEG ROF

Another shoot test video from Elite Force and this time it is about the HK416A5 AEG OEM by Vega Force Company (VFC). They used a EF 11.1V 900mah 15C Battery, based on an average of 4 burst, and the ROF is measured in BBs per seond. What do you think its ROF will be? Watch the video.

Airsoft GI: Umarex H&K UMP .45 AEG

Airsoft GI drops the price for the Elite Force/Umarex H&K UMP .45 AEG made by Ares Airsoft... "The Umarex H&K UMP .45 Elite Next Gen AEG Airsoft Gun By ARES is one of the top-of-the-line universal submachine guns being offered by Umarex and Elite Force. Heckler & Koch developed the UMP in 1999 as the successor to the famed MP5 SMG, offering more power in a lighter, more affordable design.

Umarex/VFC H&K G3A3 GBB-R Review

BB2K Airsoft does a comprehensive review of the Umarex/VFC H&K G3A3 Gas Blowback Rifle, taking him over one for a video review... "My personal record broken! Over one hour review of the HK G3A3 gasblowback from Umarex / Vega Force Company. Unbelievable but there is a lot to tell. If you do not want to see everything, it is best to use the chapters (see below), which I have created for you as usual.

Evike: EF Limited Edition MP5K Kit announce that they are expecting a fully licensed Limited Edition Heckler & Koch MP5K Kit from Elite Force soon. Now the question is, will it be compatible to what MP5 AEG? Find out more in this video... "One of the first high-end MP5K's coming from Elite Force.  Choose your path: With or without the folding stock. Coming soon to"

G&G H&K MP5A4 AEG Tutorial

Timothy Lam shows you how to put the G&G HK MP5A4 together again in this tutorial video... "Quick reassembly and tutorial video of the G&G MP5A4 AEG SMG, This video was made for buyers who purchased this item and might need help reassembling their new gun. This is shipped dissembled so it can fit into a USPS Priority Box!