Fitting A Magpul Handguard On Tokyo Marui MP5A5 NGRS


Sometimes the dimensions of an AEG cannot be exactly that of the real steel version and some modding can be required just to fit an accessory. Cipher057 tries to fit a Magpul hanguard to an MP5A5 NGRS from Tokyo Marui so watch how he does it... "A rough how to guide to fit the Magpul SL Handguard for the Tokyo Marui MP5A5 NGRS."

Z Series-Z Sport Handguards From LCT Airsoft


In this video, LCT Airsoft presents the three handguards kits from the Z Series-Z Sport Handguard, Made of the 12U Kit, ZB-2U Rail, and the ZB-2 rail, these handguards are made for the LCT LCK-12, LCK-15, and LCK-19 AEGs. Check with your nearest retailers if they already have these in stock.

AMNB Review: ClawGear AUG Handguard


Another review from the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) for you to read this week and this covers the ClawGear Handguard for the Steyr AUG rifle... "The Steyr AUG: a rifle that‘s futuristic, yet retro. Loved and hated for it‘s choices in design, instantly recognizable from movies and games. A true working horse of a rifle that performs in basically any condition!

LCT Airsoft AS VAL Parts & Z Sports Handguard Coming Soon


This product update from LCT Airsoft was sent almost two weeks ago but it looks like it went to our SPAM folder but should make owners of the LCT AS VAL AEG and the LCT LCK12 AEG happy. The first one is comprised of the AS VAL Z-Stock Adapter, Galil Stock, Buffer Tube, and silencer rails. The second one is the Z Sports Handguard for the LCK12 (AK12) AEG available in two versions. Check the photos out to see which one you fancy for your LCT AEG.


Laylax SIG Air ProForce MCX VIRTUS SBR Ultra Long Handguard "BALMUNK"


Want to have a longer handguard for your SIG Air ProForce MCX VIRTUS SBR AEG? Here is a limited edition SIG Air ProForce MCX VIRTUS SBR Ultra Long Handguard "BALMUNK" from Laylax. Just remember that installing will result in the AEG not being classified as an SBR, right? Learn more... "A set of long hand guard, outer barrel, and barrel supporter that can be attached to SIG AIR MCX. A limited quantity with different serial numbers!

SLR ION Lite M-Lok Handguard Kits & AK Folding Stock For GHK


Some good news for owners of the GHK Airsoft AK Gas Blowback Rifle owners, Dytac sent in news that they now have fully licensed SLR ION Lite M-Lok Handguard Kits & AK Folding Stock ready to be delivered to interested customers with four lengths to choose from... "We have something which you all has been asking for, the new line of products for the GHK AK GBBR! Let’s check them out.

SLR ION Lite MLok Handguard Kits and AK Folding Stock

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