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Gun Wall

Max Cherepenin's Airsoft Gun Wall

We see another YouTube airsoft celeb show his airsoft gun wall. Max Cherepenin is redesigning his gunn wall that will carry over 30 airsoft guns. That's a lot of guns... "In the works for a while and finally got down to updating some things! More to come and more guns to go up on this wall soon!"

Airsoft Mike's Airsoft Gun Wall Update

So what has Airsoft Mike added to this airsoft collection? Watch him show his gun wall and all the guns he added for 2016... "The Airsoft Mike Airsoft Gun Wall and Airsoft Armory / Armoury update 2016! Join me as I take you through the latest ever growing Airsoft collection!

You will find individual separate Airsoft Mike video reviews, on this channel, on most items featured!"

Airsoft Mike's Gun Wall/Display Panels

Airsoft Mike talks about the KIS Tool Organiser which he bought to have his gun wall... "Available from B&Q in the UK and other hardware stores worldwide. These were bought in person and not online, however, just copy and past "KIS Tools Organizer" into google to see if they are available in your country or available for you to buy online from overseas.