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Gun Gamers

Gun Gamers On Making Airsoft Your Job

Looking into turning your airsoft hobby into a day job so you get earn and enjoy at the same time? Ideal isn't it? But before you dive into such an idea, hear out Gun Gamers on what they have to say in this SpeedSim episode... "This week on SpeedSim, E House and Andre discuss the difficulties and downsides of making your hobby into your day job."

Gun Gamers: Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke

Gun Gamers talk about what airsoft players should watch out for when playing in hot temperatures for the Medic Minute+ Series episode 1... "This week, Gun Gamers introduces a new series with Matt ('Lutz') and Becca ('Harpy'), two of the Gun Gamers teammates with real medical training going over ways to prepare for medical emergencies relevant to airsoft. They start off with probably the most common and preventable injuries on the airsoft field: Heat exhausion, and heat stroke. Enjoy!"

Gun Gamers On KAC Airsoft Stoner 96 LMG

We do not know if this full licensed Knight's Armament Airsoft Stoner 96 LMG AEG by Classic Army is now available. Airsoft retailers have been taking pre-orders for expecting it to be in stock last month. Anyway, here is the Gun Gamers crew to give their take on it... "Today on Gun Gamers, Lutz and Becca are back with their thoughts on the Knights Armament Airsoft Stoner 96 LMG OEM'd by Classic Army."

Gun Gamers On The Krytac KRISS Vector

The guys from Gun Gamers are the latest to give their take on the newly released Krytac KRISS Vector AEG for this episode of their SpeedSim series... "This week on SpeedSim, E House and Andre go over their thoughts on the long awaited Krytac Vector AEG! Enjoy!"

Pros & Cons Of Airsoft Handgun Red Dots

Some people like the value of having a red dot sights mounted on their pistols and some don't bother as it looking for holsters that can accommodate a red dot sight is usually hard to find. In this episode of the SpeedSim series of Gun Gamers, they talk about the pros and cons on having this installed.

Gun Gamers: MilSim vs. SpeedSoft Loadouts

A question that many airsoft players, especially those who have just taken their initial steps, is the difference between MilSim and SpeedSoft, especially in terms of loadouts.The Gun Gamers crew are here to the rescue as they cover this in this SpeedSim episode... "This week on SpeedSim, E House and Andre finally do one of the most frequently requested videos they've had since starting this series: A loadout video!

Gun Gamers: Airsoft Op Admin & Design Tips

Thinking of organising and hosting your first airsoft game/event? This video from Gun Gamers should help you make the first steps in becoming a top notch airsoft game producer... "Today on Gun Gamers, E House and Kyle talk about administrating and designing your own airsoft OPs.  Hopefully you find these tips helpful!"

Gun Gamers' Op Bad Blood 2017 AAR

We get the first After Action Report of the Operation Bad Blood 2017 with Gun Gamers Media. This event, which is a charity and appreciation game by for East Coast players was held at the EMR Paintball Field in New Milford, Pennsylvania last 10-11 June 2017. This was organised with cooperation with Moondog Industries, as this event was originally conceptualised by Moondog,  and NYC Airsoft.

Gun Gamers: SpeedQB Mollecule Belt Report

Andre of Gun Gamers took the SpeedQB Mollecule Battle Belt to a woodland game to check out how it will fare. An interesting battle belt, with lots of MOLLE loops and has been designed to support hips and the back. It got padded rubberised body, hook and loop Quickstrip ready, and had reinforced stitching throughout. The video below is an after-game report.

Preparing For CQB vs. Woodland Games

For veteran airsoft players, there are different airsoft fields and preparing for a game on these fields takes different approaches. Gun Gamers talk about this in this episode of their SpeedSim Series... "This week on SpeedSim, E House and Andre discuss preparing for different types of fields, and what you should prioritize for different types of games."