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GHK Airsoft

WGC: Hephaestus HTS-14 GBB 2017 Edition

WGC Shop are now taking pre-orders for the 2017 Edition Hephaestus Custom HTS-14 Gas Blowback Bullpup. Produced in cooperation with GHK Airsoft, it is made of aluminium and steel with the Hephaestus simulation recoil spring guide & spring. Out of the box it has an initial muzzle velocity of 360-390fps on 0.20g BBs and Top Gas.

GHK G5 Bullpup GBB Version Coming Up

Another bullpup gas blowback rifle is coming this month according to SRU GBB and it's a version of one of the best GBB rifle in the market, the GHK Airsoft G5 GBB. We are not sure if this a conversion kit or a fully completed version of the G5 Bullpup. Hopefully, in retains the performance and kick of the original GHK G5.

BB2K Airsoft: GHK AUG A1/STG77 GBB Review

BB2K Airsoft finally gets to review the GHK Steyr AUG A1 Gas Blowback Rifle... "The Steyr AUG A1 was developed in the late 60s and was introduced in 1977 as the Federal STG77 Men in Austria. The striking Bullpup design with integrated ZF, Semi and Full Auto to shoot, and with quick barrel change system turned this gun into an icon. GHK has taken the gun and built GBB Airsoft replica which leaves no wish unfulfilled. Players will take pleasure with this GBB."

GHK M4A1 14.5 RIS GBB At eHobby Asia

Looking for the GHK M4A1 14.5" RIS Gas Blowback Rifle? Look no further as eHobby Asia got in stock and you can order via their online store. This has a full metal receive with U.S. Navy SEAL markings, steel outer barre, 20mm RIS Rail System, new hop-up system, version 6.0 hammer, 6.03 inner barrel, and stable bolt lock.

Hephaestus AMD-65 GBB At eHobby Asia

eHobby Asia has this video of the just released Hephaestus AMD-65 GBB-R that is available at their online store... "The first completed AMD-65 GBBR on the market. Less than 400 units will be available and no plan to reproduce it again in the near future. Based on GHK AK Gas BlowBack system, excellent out-of-the-box performance and reliability.

BWS: Hephaestus AMD-65 GBB Review

We get to see ThisIan again for the latest review from Bunny Workshop. He goes over the Limited Edition Hephaestus AMD-65 Gas Blowback Rifle, which was designed in cooperation with GHK Airsoft. Will this have the kick like the previous limited edition GBB rifles they produced? Find out in the video below:

GHK G4 GBBs & More Arrivals At Gunfire

For this week's product update from Gunfire, they got a delivery of the GHK Airsoft G4 Gas Blowback Carbines, including the Mod1 and Mod2. Other deliverues are from APS, Surge Polonia, Ultimate Tactical, and knives from Morakniv. More of these by clicking the links below:


Spear Arms CNC GHK M4 Bolt Carrier Gold

The gold version of the Spear Arms CNC Steel Bolt Carrier for the GHK M4 GBB Rifle is available at RedWolf Airsoft... "Spear Arms CNC Steel Bolt Carrier for the GHK M4 GBBR is incredibly solid robust. The lighter weight doesn't kick as much meaning the rate of fire will increase a fair bit. You will even get more shots off per gas refill if your magazine!"

GHK, Ka-Bar & More Arrivals At Gunfire

More arrivals at Gunfire this week. The airsoft guns that have arrived are gas blowback rifles from GHK, KWC and G&G Armament with spare magazines and ammo. Also in stock are different types of knives from Ka-Bar. Click on the links below to learn more.

G&G Armament

GHK AUG GBB Now At eHobby Asia

Now in stock at eHobby Asia is the first Steyr Aug Gas Blowback Rifle made by GHK. The body is made of Polymer and comes with a 30-round Gas Magazine with Polymer Housing. It also has a folding foregrip and 1.5x Scope to aid you in aiming. As for the price, it is US$399.00 shipping costs not included.