Tokyo Marui Non-Freon GUNPOWER Review


If you have not encountered the Tokyo Marui Non-Freon GUNPOWER as a power source for your gas blowbacks, watch this video review by テイクアールチャンネル if it is something for you to consider in the future... "This time, I tried Tokyo Marui's non-CFC power. For the time being, I thought it could be used as a room-style shooter in the summer without any problems! However, the problem is still the price...

Mach Sakai's Comparison Of Non-Freon Gas And Freon Gas


Mach Sakai does a comparative review of Non-Freon Gas And Freon Gas for use in gas blowback guns in this video. As for the airsoft gas blowback pistol that he uses for the review, that's the Tokyo Marui Biohazard Lightning Hawk .50AE 10inch Magnaport Custom Gas Blowback Pistol that can also be converted back to a regular Desert Eagle .50AE gas blowback.

HFC AG-17 & Nimrod Gas Overview By BB2K Airsoft


The HFC AG-17 an airsoft gas pistol, gets unboxed by BB2K Airsoft. Also featured in this video is the Nimrod Gas... "I have a new supporter for my channel! Thanks to for the great package. Today I unpack the HFC AG-17 or Advanced G17 for you. Visually something else in any case and I'm really looking forward to your opinions."

TriggerTV: Gas For Winter Season


Trigger Airsoft is ready for your gas needs this winter as they have in stock the Puff Dino Power Up gas that they recommend for cold weather use. Tim shows the product in this product video... "In Canada, the Winter season is right around the corner. If you want to use your gas airsoft replicas, then stock up on the Puff Dino Power Up gas. It'll increase the fps by 10-15 and up the ante in terms of recoil!"

WE 1911 Ver 3 & Nimrod Tactical Gas


Antre du Dingo Dingchavez checks Version 3 of the 1911 GBB Pistol from WE Airsoft as well as gas under the Nimrod Tactical brand... "Today we'll go for the 1911 v3 from WE. I was curious to see what "V3" changed and thanks to Airsoftzone I could get one. They also sent some samples of their new 'Nimrod Tactical' gas. Let's have a look!"

WMASG: HFC Gas Drum Magazine


Here is a review from WMASG on ther HFC Drum Magazine they did last May... "The Honor Fantastic Classic (HFC) company is known primarily for its short-range gas gun replicas. This time it launches the HFC Drum Mag, ie gas drum magazines for Glock and Beretta pistols. You can read about our magazines in our review. We invite you to read!"

Read the full review here and also included are two videos they made on the product:

Unifeed EPM For KWA Gas Magazines


Unifeed Airsoft gives us a teaser video showing their Unifeed EPM Feed Clip to solve feeding problems with KWA gas magazines... "A teaser video of our Unifeed EPM, enhanced feed clips that minimise the occurrence of doublefeeding, jams and related issues in the KWA GBBR platform.

Fully compatible with the following GBBR magazines by PTS/KWA: PMAG, EPM and IWI magazines.

Stay tuned for more details!"

Mancraft SDiK For Ashbury ASW338LM


Mancraft announce with pride that a version of their SDiK is now available for the ASG/VFC Ashbury ASW338LM Airsoft Sniper Rifle. The SDiK or the Sniper Drop-In Kit to convert airsoft sniper rifles to be HPA-powered. It is an affordable upgrade and with the Mancraft regulator you cann adjust the muzzle velocity of the rifle.

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