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Maxtact Derringer Double Barrel Pistol

Want a compact vintage-style airsoft as pistol? At Bunny Workshop they have in stock the Maxtact Derringer Double Barrel Gas Pistol. A replica of the Derringer Pocket Pistol, it can fire two rounds in a single shot. It has a fixed hop-up and a muzzle velocity of 230fps usig Top Gas and 0.20g BBs.

WMASG: HFC Gas Drum Magazine

Here is a review from WMASG on ther HFC Drum Magazine they did last May... "The Honor Fantastic Classic (HFC) company is known primarily for its short-range gas gun replicas. This time it launches the HFC Drum Mag, ie gas drum magazines for Glock and Beretta pistols. You can read about our magazines in our review. We invite you to read!"

Read the full review here and also included are two videos they made on the product:

Unifeed EPM For KWA Gas Magazines

Unifeed Airsoft gives us a teaser video showing their Unifeed EPM Feed Clip to solve feeding problems with KWA gas magazines... "A teaser video of our Unifeed EPM, enhanced feed clips that minimise the occurrence of doublefeeding, jams and related issues in the KWA GBBR platform.

Fully compatible with the following GBBR magazines by PTS/KWA: PMAG, EPM and IWI magazines.

Stay tuned for more details!"

Mancraft SDiK For Ashbury ASW338LM

Mancraft announce with pride that a version of their SDiK is now available for the ASG/VFC Ashbury ASW338LM Airsoft Sniper Rifle. The SDiK or the Sniper Drop-In Kit to convert airsoft sniper rifles to be HPA-powered. It is an affordable upgrade and with the Mancraft regulator you cann adjust the muzzle velocity of the rifle.

Airsoft Elementary DM870 Mod Videos

Sherlock of Elementary Airsoft shows you the Dominator DM870 Real Action Airsoft Shotgun and how to use APS Shotgun Shells with it in this two-part video... "A probably overly long video intro to the Dominator DM870 Airsoft shotgun and how to disassemble it. I also talk about the future modification plans to accept APS shells which will covered in subsequent videos."

Buy Elite Force Glock Free EF Fuel Green Gas

The fully licensed Glock airsoft pistols from Elite Force are now in stock at Airsoftjunkiez and you get a free Elite Force Fuel Green Gas when you purchase any of these. Better hurry as this dependent on supply availability and you should buy in store... "Buy any Elite Force Glock 17 or 19 and get a free can of EF Fuel green gas. Limited supplies. In store purchase only."

Chupacabra Outdoor On Airsoft Gas

Still having a hard time choosing the right gas for you to use? Chupacabra Outdoor has this video showing you a video on the differences amongst the various airsoft gas offered in the market as well as how to choose the appropriate one... "Explaining the differences between different Airsoft Gases like 144a, Green Gas, Red Gas, Black Gas, Ethane Enriched Green Gas."

RWTV: Ares DSR-1 Gas Sniper Rifle

The sniper rifle that put Ares Airsoft in the radar of airsoft players almost a decade ago, the AMP DSR-1 Gas Sniper Rifle (we still have the first one released), is about to be available again. RedWolf Airsoft TV goes over this rifle and wondering if it is the "Rolls Royce" of airsoft sniper rifles... "Coming with a hefty price but exceptional build quality is THIS the Rolls Royce of Airsoft Sniper Rifles?"

Airsoftology's Nuprol Gas Review

Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology tests the various Red, Green, and Black Gas from Nuprol for this video review... "Nuprol Gas has been around for a while now... sure it has its share of fans, but can the Red Gas, Green Gas and Black Gas really change the performance of your airsoft gas blowback pistol or rifle that much?  Or, is it just more of the same?   We take the gas to the chrono for a full test to show what FPS changes happen when you step up from Nuprol 2.0 to Nuprol 3.0...

Laylax Marui KSG Shotgun Shell Holder

Laylax got something ready for Tokyo Marui KSG Gas Shotgun owners --- a KSG Shell Holder. Designed to make shotgun ammo access quickly, this can be mounted on either side of the shotgun and you can have the shells held diagonally or vertically. The mount is CNC machined aluminium alloy and can hold 5 spare shells at a time.