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New Shooter-AR Mobile Game App

0'20 Magazine feature the Shooter-AR mobile game app you can use with your replica gun made by Emagein-3D in this video. Here is what its developers say about it... "Engage yourself in the best competitive tactical shooting experience in Augmented Reality. You want to turn military training drills into tactical gaming with unlimited case situations, this is for you. You design your own course and compete with friends.

Lone Wombat Airsoft: FABARM STF/12

Lone Wombat Airsoft reviews the spring version of the fully licensed Fabarm STF/12 airsoft shotgun. This is made of Polymer and is a tri-shot design with 30 rounds per shell. It is a pump action shotgun and has removeable sights and you can mount optics on the 20mm rail. Initial muzzle velocity is around 300-310fps. Fabarm STF12 CO2 Shotgun

The C02 version of the Fabarm STF12 airsoft shotgun is available now at Matt shows you the shotgun, which uses the Marui gas shotgun system, in this video... "One of the most efficient shotguns in its class, the FABARM STF12 CO2 powered shotgun features the Tokyo Marui multiple shot system combined with the convenience of easy to change 12 gram CO2 cartridges.

BO Manufacture FABARM STF/12 Review

Airsoft Review en Español does a review of the BO Manufacture FABARM STF/12 airsoft shotgun. OEM by VFC, this is fully licensed from the Italian company that makes the real world shotgun. This shotgun is available in long and short versions and have either a CO2 or spring as power source.

FABARM STF/12 Compact CO2 Shotgun

Antre du Dingo Dingchavez gets the privilege to be one of the first to review the CO2 version of the fully licensed Fabarm STF/12 airsoft shotgun... "At last! After one year, I was able to grasp a FABARM STF/12 by BO Manufacture and VFC! Let's have a look at what's inside the box. Thanks a lot to BO Manufacture and Khan Seb."

Airsoft Action TV: FABARM STF/12

The springer version of the fully licensed FABARM STF/12 airsoft shotgun gets the scrutiny of Airsoft Action TV... "In which Gadge and Anvil have a blast with the FABARM STF/12 Springer airsoft shotgun and talk about shotgun use in general. To find out the answer to the competition in the April/May Issue of Airsoft Action Magazine keep watching!"

Kronos Airsoft: FABARM STF 12 Spring Shotgun

Kronos Airsoft reviews the more affordable version of the FABARM STF 12 airsoft shotgun, the spring version. This airsoft shotgun is fully licensed and has a gas version... "This airsoft shotgun really has it all... looks, build quality and a really good shot to match but can it knock the CYMA CM.355 tactical shotgun off its high horse?"

RWTV: VFC Fabarm STF/12 Gas Shotgun

The fully licensed VFC Fabarm STF/12 Gas Shotgun is now available. Said to be based on the Marui Gas Shotgun tech, Tim checks it out for this RedWolf Airsoft TV review... "VFC have been teasing this Shotgun for the longest time and Tim was finally able to get it in his hands, but is it as amazing as he hoped or will Tim be disappointed?"

Nuprol To Distribute Fabarm Airsoft Shotguns

Nuprol announce that they will be carrying fully licensed Fabarm STF/12 Airsoft Shotguns. These are licensed to BO Manufacture from Fabarm and gas and spring versions are available... "News hot from our trip to the IWA 2018! Nuprol are proud to announce that we are now exclusive distributors of Fabarm Airsoft Replicas.

We are starting with the amazing STF Series of shotguns.

BO Manufacture FABARM STF/12 Spring

Here is the first review of the BO Manufacure FABARM STF/12 Shotgun Spring Edition done by Antre du Dingo Dingchavez... "Here it is, the video about the brand new STF/12 by BO Manufacture. This video deals with the spring version. Hopefully the CO² version will be sent to me in a few weeks..."