New Oakley Standard Issue Kryptek Collection


Oakley SI announced early this month their new SI Kryptek Collection of protective eyewear. Five models are available: Sylas, Holbrook, Mainlink, Flak, and Gascan. Check with your nearest gear retailer if they gave the collection in stock. Press release below:


Kryptek’s popular Highlander Camo pattern can now be found on five different pairs of leading eyewear brand, Oakley Standard Issue.

Military 1st: Swiss Eye Attac Sunglasses Available


The Swiss Eye Attac Sunglasses are in stock right now at the Military 1st online store... "The Swiss Eye Attac Sunglasses feature a lightweight yet durable frame with a ventilation system and robust, interchangeable polycarbonate lenses with anti-fog and anti-scratch coating.

Softair Zone Tests Eyepro For Airsoft


Softair Zone tests eyewear for airsoft use from Bolle and Swiss Eye in this video... "Here's a little review on the subject of protective goggles, especially for those who wear glasses. What does it take 'What better to keep your hands off of. In a shot test, we show what happens to normal glasses when they hit a 1.2 joule GBB pistol and why you shouldn't wear the glasses. Feel free to comment on the topic and if you like it leave a subscription!

Wiley X WX Rogue COMM Glasses At Military 1st


The Wiley X WX Rogue COMM Glasses can be ordered right now from the Military 1st online store... "The Wiley X WX Rogue COMM Glasses have a semi-rimless design, lightweight frame and flexible take flight nose piece accommodating any face/nose bridge. Thin COMM temples, in a curved temple system, fit perfectly under earmuffs or other ear-mounted communication devices.

New SI Ballistic HNBL Eyewear From Oakley


New eyepro from Oakley SI announced in early November... "SI Ballistic HNBL is an eyewear platform for everyone. The low-profile design and easy lens exchange allows you to seamlessly transition from on-duty to off-duty. HNBL is optimized for performance meeting high impact standards for Mil Spec 32432A and ANSI Z87.1 as well as featuring Prizm™ Lens Technology. The frame features a lightweight, high-wrap design with thin stem technology and molded icons.

Wiley X Eye Pros Back In Stock At Land Warrior Airsoft


Take your pick of eye pros from Wiley X as Land Warrior Airsoft got a new stock and available to order right now... "When things heat up, Wiley X tactical eyewear provides you with the best protective gear ready to face any combat situation.

Wiley X WX Wave Glasses At Military 1st


Military 1st's latest product news is the availability of the Wiley X WX Wave Glasses at their online store... "Flexible and modern Wiley X WX Wave Glasses feature Captivate Polarized Blue Mirror lenses which block blinding glare and improve visual contrast, and thin half rubber temples for a comfortable and secure fit.

Cheapest Airsoft Eye Protection Stress Test


Gamergasm tests some of the cheapest eyepro in the market, which of course led to scary results... "Hello guys its Gamergasm here and welcome back to another episode of Gamergasm Loots a series where we Unbox, Review and Test a whole range of products. In todays episode we are Stress Testing some of the cheapest Eye protection we could find on Ebay for around £6. Some of the results of this video were scary as hell man not even gonna lie to you."

Wiley X WX Nash Glasses Available At Military 1st


Military 1st announce that they have the Wiley X WX Nash Glasses available to order at their online store... "The Wiley X WX Nash are lightweight protective glasses with shatterproof and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses and double-injected rubber temples for non-slip comfort.

Military 1st: Swiss Eye Skyray Sunglasses


News today from Military 1st is the availability of the Swiss Eye Skyray Sunglasses at their online store... "The Swiss Eye Skyray are lightweight ballistic glasses with adjustable nose pads and soft flat temples, and durable polycarbonate lenses with antifog/anti-scratch-coating. Made for optimal wearing comfort, offer 100% UV protection up to 400 nm.

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