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Eye Protection

FFA: Valken Zulu Tactical Goggles Review

Latest review by Femme Fatale Airsoft covers the Zulu Tactical Goggles from Valken Tactical... "The Valken Zulu Tactical Goggles are a lightweight pair of full seal eyepro that is designed to offer the user maximum safety without the bulkiness of a goggle. They have a bunch of awesome features including a vented foam carriage that provides maximum dust protection, as well as enough airflow to release heat.

Airsoft Mike: Daisy X7 Fake Or Real?

Airsoft Mike could not believe a bargain he gets with the Daisy X7 Goggles that he bought. It is a cheap pair of tactical sunglasses made in China that comes with more goodies apart from the eyewear itself. But will it be good enough to protect your eyes since it does not have any safety standard certification?

"Are Cheap Airsoft Goggles Really Safe?"

A topic that we will never tire of posting no matter how many times it has been discussed, sliced, and diced by a variety of airsoft players, forums, and experts --- eye protection. The latest to talk about this is Apache Airsoft, who touches on the safety issues with cheap airsoft goggles... "Are CHEAP Airsoft Goggles Really SAFE? The most important thing about your airsoft gear is your goggles, right?

AirsoftTech23: Are Mesh Goggles Safe?

We're back to the question of the safety of mesh goggles for airsoft as AirsoftTech23 takes on this topic in this video... "Are Airsoft Mesh Goggles SAFE?! | Should You Take The Risk?!: (Airsoft mesh goggles) How you guys like that clickbaity thumbnail ;) (gotta learn from the best, Mixed)! Anyways, it's up to you if you would like to take the risk or not when it comes to running mesh eye protection.

Garand Thumb: Basics Of Tactical Eye Pro

This episode of Garand Thumb covers a topic which we will always stress on anytime --- eye protection. Here, he covers the basics of tactical eye protection, especially those products that meet the MIL-PRF-31013 standard clause and ANSI Z87.1 such as those from Smith Elite, Gatorz, Oakley SI, and Revision Military.

Nuprol Combat Pro Glasses Recalled

If you are using Nuprol Eye Protection products for airsoft, please do check what own as the company has announced a product recall. The product being recalled is the Nuprol Combat Pro Glasses with the product code 6043 (CL/SM/YE) as they have a fault in which lens will fall out when impacted.

Bomb Up Airsoft: Test Your Eye Pro

Latest Bomb Up Airsoft's latest quick tip is again in safety. If getting an eye protection they advise that your eye protection, especially if from unknown brands, be tested to ensure that it does what it says. Also, check if it meets the ANZI standards for eye protection, which you can see either via sticker on the lens or packaging.

Bomb Up Airsoft: Eye Pro Quick Tip

It's eye protection for the 3rd episode of the Bomb Up Airsoft Quick Tip Series... "From Masks, Glasses or Goggles, buying a good quality pair of rated and well known Eye Protection is an absolute must for every Airsofter. This week we wanted to show you a quick tip for when you next purchase yours."

Sunglasses Sale Is On At Military1st

Grab the chance to save on sunglasses, eye protection and goggles as are having their Sunglassses Sale. They are taking off 15% off the eyewear of brands such as Wiley-X, SwissEye, Bolle, and more. With airsoft season now on, it's better to have a brand new protective eyewear... "Military 1st Sunglasses Sale starts today!

Gun Gamers: What Is ANSI Z87?

We're pretty sure that many airsoft players understand the importance of the the ANSI Z87 standard for eye protection. But in case you need a refresher, here is Gun Gamers with a video with this standard as the topic... "This week, Garrett goes all engineering nerd and explains what the Z87 standard is, and why it's important for airsoft eye protection."