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RA-Tech EMG SAI Tier 1 Upgrade Kit

RA-Tech show their EMG SAI Tier 1 Upgrade Kit that is available at the Airsoft Taiwan online store. Made for the VFC Glock 17 Gen 3 Gas Blowback Pistol it comes with a steel slide, steel outer barrel, trigger, safety, front sight with fibre optic, and rear sight. This kit costs US$400 when ordering from them.

Specna Arms Special Offer & New Items

Fresh from their USA debut at the SHOT Show 2019, Specna Arms are having a special offer at Gunfire. Apart from that, there are new arrivals such as airsoft guns from EMG, Lipo batteries from Electro River, gear from TMC, and accesories and airsoft guns from Nuprol. Check the links below:

DesertFox Airsoft: EMG SAI Accessories

DesertFox Airsoft gets hold of Ryan from to talk about the EMG accesories for Glock GBB pistols as well as other EMG releases for 2019 at the SHOT Show 2019... "Ryan from EMG shows us the new and also first aftermarket slide for Elite Force Glocks: SAI Glock Utility Slide. Along with more airsoft SAI/EMG airsoft handguns and the new F1 has blowback rifle."

BB2K Airsoft: EMG SAI DS 2011

A pistol this time for Bruce in this BB2K Airsoft review covering the EMG SAI DS 2011 Hi-Capa GBB Pistol... "Again, true to the motto "the eye shoots with you", I am packing a beauty for you today. The speech is from the EMG International SAI 2011 DS Training Airsoft. This licensed Hi-Capa Airsoft comes with all SAI logos and is available in 5.1, 4.3 in black, gray or silver. Furthermore, you can choose from an aluminum or high-grade steel variant.

EMG Transporter 42" Hard Case

Matt talks about the EMG Transporter Hard Cases to carry your airsoft gear and these have a 5-year guarantee... "Buying a high quality hard case is one thing. But buying a high quality rifle case with a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE!? That's just insane! Insanely good! When you register your EMG Transporter 42" Hard Case at, you get the full 5 year guarantee with your product."

APS: F-1 Firearms UDR Water Transfer

Another look into the water transfer process to give a weapon a unique look. APS posted a video of an F-1 Firearms UDR being given the water treatment. Fully licensed F-1 Firearms for airsoft are available via EMG and are carried by in the USA which you can find in the F-1 BDR-15 3G that has a lightweight receiver.

EMG STI DVC 3-Gun 2011 Teaser

Here is a teaser on the EMG STI DVC 3-Gun 2011 which is on pre-order now at "EMG is proud to announce our next collaboration project with STI to bring highly detailed, high quality training variants of their handguns to Airsoft. These handguns are exceptionally crafted to tight tolerances to mimic the look and feel to that of their real life counterparts. EMG EBB to Non-EBB Install

If you are an owner of the one the EMG Electric Blowback AEGs and you want to disable the feature, here is a tutorial from You will need to get the Non-EBB mock bolt and install it to the AEG. This has shorter teeth than the EBB bolt allowing the EBB function to be disabled.

EMG SAI Hi-Capa 4.3 GBB Review

Antre du Dingo Dingchavez gives his take on this 4.3 Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Pistol from EMG and Salient Arms International. This has Titanium nitride style SAI barrel, integrated Picatinny lower accessory rail, and the front and rear combat style sights have an integrated forward fiber optic... "I was curious about this collaboration between Salient Arms and Evike. Thanks to Airsoft Gun shop I can share my thoughts with you today..."

EMG Hudson H9 GBB Pistol Teaser

Another airsoft pistol coming up under Evike's EMG brand, the EMG Hudson H9 GBB... "''Motivated by the Past. Inspired by the Future.' EMG has collaborated with one of the most unique firearm companies in the industry to bring you one of the boldest GBB Pistol designs coming to the market. Introducing the EMG Hudson H9 GBB Pistol with a 1911 style frame and a striker-fired style slide. Coming soon to"