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Airsoft Atlanta: Enola Gaye EG67 BB Grenade

The Enola Gaye EG67 BB Grenades are now available at Airsoft Atlanta. Interested buyers will have to order this in-store rather than online... "Enola Gaye Airsoft BB Grenades.  Yes, these explode airsoft BBs!  The EG67 is a pin-pulled, fuse delayed throwing BB grenade.

Enola Gaye EG67 Review By Airsoft Grenadier

We see the Airsoft Grenadier into action of reviewing grenades for use in airsoft. He reviews the new Enola Gaye EG67 Ball Grenade for this video... "The latest Enola Gaye Airsoft Grenade. This time an awesome little ring pull ball grenade based on the M67 Ball Grenade.

Filmed on location at Section 8 Airsoft, Scotland."

Templar Airsoft: Enola Gaye EG67 Review

This is perhaps the first video review that we've seen on the newly released Enola Gaye EG67 Ball Frag Grenade and this is done by Templar Airsoft. For those who want this outside of the United Kingdom, just wait a bit more and they will be definitely be exported, especially across the pond... "The EG67 Frag Grenade from Enola Gaye.... check it out!"

More On The Enola Gay EG67 Ball Grenade

More information on the newly released Enola Gaye EG67 Ball Grenade and interested players can contact their retailers if they are already stocking up boxes of these... "We have designed our latest airsoft grenade to meet the requirements of the more demanding player. Replicated in the exact same size as an M67 current issue American grenade, but moulded from precision pulp casting offering a genuine look, unlike any other product available on the market.

New Enola Gaye EG67 Ball Grenade

UK-based players get first dibs on the newly released Enola Gaye EG67 Ball Grenade. This is a pull up straight grenade that gives out a smoke activated that can warn those around it that is about to blow. A quick demo video was sent to us for you to view. U.S. based players will have to wait for a few months before it will be available there.