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DesertFox Airsoft

DesertFox: Zombie Survival Airsoft Game

See Evike Matt with the Krytac KRISS Vector AEG for an airsoft gameplay battling zombies with DesertFox Airsoft at the Tac City Airsoft indoor facility... "Fun airsoft zombie survival airsoft game with NODE, Evike Matt, Unicorn Leah and Corridor Digital at TAC City Airsoft Indoor field in Fullerton, California."

DesertFox Uprising 3 Trailer: The Other Side

DesertFox Airsoft posts the trailer for Uprising 3, a 24-hour event that took place last 8 April 2017 at Hill 559 in Californina. For this event, he used the Echo1 USA AK Covert AEG as his primary AEG... "Trailer for the next 60 Millimeters airsoft special covering Uprising 3 hosted at Hill 559 in Clovis, California. There are two sides to every BB battle, in the next 60 Millimeters we cover the other side."

First Airsoft Couple Gameplay Video

Compilation of Unicorn Leah showing airsoft's First Couple airsoft game play videos... "Some uncut/behind the scenes/airsoft couple teamwork tactics airsoft gameplay with Jet DesertFox and Unicorn Leah at Wildlands Airsoft Park in Lake Elsinore, CA. Featuring the Elite Force Amoeba AM09 and Dickbutt Airsoft!"

DesertFox: Helmets In Airsoft, WHY?

Whilst I rarely wear helmets when playing airsoft, there are reasons you should wear one as explained by Jet DesertFox Airsoft in this video... "Why do people wear helmets in airsoft? There's probably more than just two reasons, but here's my take on why someone would wear a helmet in airsoft."

DesertFox: Objective Stavropol Squad Leader

DesertFox Airsoft explains the tactics he employed as a squad leader during Objective Stavporol. This event, organised by Milsim West took place last 28-30 in Centerville, Washington... "Tactics of a good squad leader explained during Milsim West: Objective Stavropol."

DesertFox: What BB Weight Should I Use?

With all these different weights of BBs, the often asked question on what BB weight for what airsoft shooter roles should be used in answered by DesertFox Airsoft... "What weight BB for FPS? What weight BB should I use? What weight BB for sniper? All those questions and more answered in this video."

DesertFox: Special Forces Boat Gun Run

Swamp Sniper posted a video of him and Jet DesertFox Airsoft going for a gun run on a zodica with the new Classic Army M132 Micro Gun. Here is another footage taken from DesertFox Airsoft's action cam... "Special forces boat gun run at Ballahack Airsoft with the Classic Army Micro gun. The Classic Army micro gun is a scaled down vulcan mini-gun."

DesertFox Airsoft: Vector Detective TTT

Jet DesertFox is back at the Tac City Airsoft to play another round of Trouble in Terrorist Town. This is an airsoft game that is being adopted by airsoft players to spice up their games so you might want to try this out. In this game, he uses the new Krytac KRISS Vector AEG... "Trouble in terrorist town game play at TAC City with the Krytac Vector AEG."

What To Wear For First Airsoft Game

So what should a newbie to airsoft wear for his/her first airsoft game? Here is DesertFox Airsoft with his tips... "What should I wear to my first airsoft game? While this question doesn't get asked a lot. I know a lot of people don't know the answer. Don't forget to comment with you own suggestions for what to wear to your first airsoft game."

Guide To Building A Plate Carrier Setup

DesertFox Airsoft finally answers an often asked question by his viewers --- how he sets up his plate carrier before he goes to an airsoft game or milsim event... "What should I put on my plate carrier is a question I get asked frequently. Setting up your plate carrier shouldn't be about how much stuff can I put on it, but what do I need to put on my plate carrier?

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