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Apache Airsoft: ICS CXP HOG EBB

Apache Airsoft got to review the ICS CXP HOG, one of the electric blowback AEGs from ICS that feature the Transform4 split gearbox tech as well as the KeyMod rail system... "Hello everyone! My vacation in Switzerland is almost done so you do not have to wait too long for comments. Today we are going to review a high end gun, the ICS CXP M4. It's a super gun out of the box, and it's awesome!"

ICS CXP MARS Airsoft On Demand

Another quick look at the upcoming ICS CXP Modern Assault Rifle System (MARS) that is expected to be in the shelves of airsoft retailers worldwide next month. This has the Electronic Blowback System as seen in the new ICS AEGs that use the Transform4 tech. This has full ambidextrous operation, KeyMod handguard, and a Wirecutter-like frontend.

0'20 Magazine's ICS CXP-M.A.R.S. Review

Up next to review the new ICS Airsoft CXP-M.A.R.S. or the Modern Assault Rifle System is 0'20 Magazine. This has a unique handguard with the frontend that reminds you of the LVOA Wirecutter. Just like the recent releases of ICS Airsoft for the CXP line, this users the ICS Transform4 electric blowback technology. Turn on the language caption of your player to follow this video review. ICS CXP Hog Pro Line AEG

The ICS CXP Hog Pro-Line AEG Series is available at and Matt tells you more about this in the video... "The newest CXP offering from ICS, the HOG, takes the already tried and true ICS CXP carbine design and makes it even better.

ICS CXP-UK1 Review By G.A.S. Airsoft

Another airsoft review by airsoft players in Brazil. G.A.S. Airsoft gives an overview and full takedown of the ICS CXP-UK1 Captain that uses the new generation ICS Tranform4 airsoft tech or many know by now as the new generation ICS split gearbox with the electric blowback function.

Mach Sakai: ICS CXP HOG KeyMod

We probably would say that the new CXP Series with the Transform4 tech from ICS are to be the second generation AEGs from the Taiwanese airsoft company. With the CXP Hog, it features the KeyMod rail system, a realistic blowback design, full metal receiver, and of course the unique ICS split gearbox design. Mach Sakai reviews this EBB in the video shown here.

Airsoft Station: ICS CXP-APE Overview

Latest video from Airsoft Station is an overview of the ICS CXP-APE EBB which is available in four versions... "Made by the legendary Airsoft manufacturer ICS, the CXP-APE Keymod Airsoft Rifle is the new and improved ACR style AEG. Externally, this full metal AEG sports a CNC machined Keymod rail system for mounting airsoft accessories such as lights, lasers, grips, bipods and more.

Fox Airsoft: ICS CXP-APE Overview

Fox Airsoft gives us an overview of the ICS CXP-APE EBB which comes with the KeyMod Rail System... "Overall we have been extremely impressed with the CXP-APE from our testing in setting up the gun.  I think it is a definitely the best non M4 airsoft gun on the market currently.  the build quality is extremely robust and solid.  Let us know what you think about our choice of gun for a DMR."

ICS CXP APE & HOG At Mach1 Airsoft

The latest in the KeyMod and Blowback EBBs from ICS are now at Mach1 Airsoft... "We're pleased to announce we are carrying multiple models of the ICS APES and HOGs, as well as the new generation M4 rifle. Products launch tonight at midnight, and are readily available from our store and online at Stay tuned for a review!"

Evike [The Gun Corner]: ICS CXP-APE

All models of the ICS CXP-APE EBB Series are now available at and preview on their "The Gun Corner" Series... "The new ICS APE series EBB rifles utilize the same reliable split gearbox as the standard CXP rifles with their easy to disassemble and convenient to maintain design.