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Claymore Mine

Duel Code Claymore Mine Available

SKW Airsoft announce that the Duel Code Claymore Mine is now in stock... "The Claymore Mine with motion sensor and remote control. The infrared sensor allows the use of the mine in day and in night. The remote control can control the activation, deactivation, rest mode, and detonation of the mine with 6 meters detection and blast radius. The detonation will release 120 to 160mm BBS. This is powered by a Lipo battery and is designed and assembled in Spain."

Hyperdouraku: S-Thunder Claymore

We wonder what S-Thunder is doing nowadays as we rarely here from them. They are still in business, so it seems as Hyperdouraku gets to review ther S-Thunder Gas Powered Claymore Mine. This airsoft Claymore mine can hold a charge for 24 hours and can either discharge powder or 6mm BB pellets (used BBs can be used too). As for trigger it can be with a supplied RF wireless remote control or an IR sensor.