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Brain Exploder

Revolver vs Zombies With The Brain Exploder

The Brain Exploder is having epic fun in night games since he started using night vision when playing airsoft games in the evening... "Recent trip to Code Red Airsoft for the Zombie event. Good times softin with friends, popping zombies through night vision and running around in general confusion. Stay tuned to the end for a music performance.

BrainExploder NVG Recording System coming soon."

Long Range Cross Wind Shots In Airsoft

Watch the Brain Exploder cope with the wind during Part 2 of his Lion Claws Operation Devil Dog adventure... "Part 2 of Operation Devil Dog. The wind was an angry one and our position made it so all the BBs were hooking right so to compensate for that a major adjustment to the angle had to made after some fine tuning I was able to land a few 200+ foot shots on high ground enemies."

Silverback SRS With Experimental B-Hop

Brain Exploder snipes at longer ranges with his Silverback SRS Sniper Rifle equipped with the experimental B-Hop... "Final engagement of the 2 day airsoft milsim event at Range 131. This one is a showcase of long range capabilities of my Silverback SRS equipped with the experimental B-hop (Brain Hop). Reaching well over 250 feet and that's a good thing as some of these players require several BBs to be convinced that they are hit."

Brain Exploder: Snake Forces Me To Snipe

The Brain Exploder posts part 1 of Operation Devil Dog. Organised by Lion Claws, this took place last 8-10 September 8-10 at Range 131... "Part one from the recent Operation Lion Claws event held at Camp Pendleton at Range 131. At the start of the round I take up position in a building that yields some long range shots with my never ending work in progress the Silverback SRS this time rocking what I have dubbed Brain Hop or B-Hop and I was easily reaching enemies at 250+ feet over and over."

"Cheaters Have No Opinion On These Guns"

The Brain Exploder goes into action again with his favourite sniper rifle for now, the Silverback Desert Tech SRS... "Gameplay from this past May featuring two of my favorites the Silverback SRS and the shorty Krytac hybrid. Please note it was a windy day and the BBs are being thrown all over the place. "

Airsoft CamMan: Best ScopeCam

The latest convert to the Brain Exploder's creation is the Airsoft CamMan as he is happy to record his airsoft hits on video using the RunCam2 Brain Exploder Edition... "A short review of the RunCam2 BrainExploder Edition with 35mm lens and 3D printed rail mount."

"Most Realistic Airsoft M4 AEG Is Back"

The Brain Exploder also gets his hand on the second version of the GBLS DAS M4, a very realistic operating M4 AEG that is made in South Korea. It has an electric blowback system that goes the full length, and a takedown procedure almost like an AR gas  blowback rifle...

"MantisX Training System For Airsoft?"

We have been hearing aboout the MantisX Training System that can be used with real firearms as well as airsoft. The Brain Exploder is the lates to check this system out... "Thanks to the guys at MantisX for sending over a unit to test out. This unit is designed primarily for real firearms but works incredibly well for airsoft, especially gas pistols for anything from live fire to dry firing.

"How To Be Invisible In Airsoft"

The Brain Exploder tells more about his experience playing with night vision for the first time... "My first gameplay with Night Vision Goggles. The goggles don't exactly make you a ghost as everyone has flashlights to counter your stealth but it's an amazing experience playing what feels like a real life movie/video game dream.

I am also testing my new system to record night vision as experienced by the user with minimal interference.

Wasps Attack Brain Exploder While Sniping

One of the risks of the trade when playing airsoft. Always be on the look for bees, wasps, and other insects that may attack you when you disturb their territory. The Brain Exploder shows his experience in this video... "One of the most memorable sniping experiences of my airsoft life but not for all the right reasons.