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Bolt Airsoft

BOLT B4A1 DX/SD Elite BRSS Review

Airsoft Review en Español reviews the BOLT B4A1 DX/SD Elite BRSS for this video. This has the enhanced BOLT Recoil Shock System (BRSS) is a feature in BOLT Airsoft products with the electric blowback and simulated recoil. It has a polymer handguard and uses the BMAG M4 140R magazine.


The BOLT B4 MK18 Mod I Block II gets reviewed by Geonox Airsoft. Just like the others in the B4 Series of Bolt Airsoft, this features the Blowback and Recoil Shock System (BRSS) of Bolt for their AEGs. This is a full metal AEG with ABS PistolnGrip and glass fibre-reinforced stock. As this is a rear-wired AEG, the battery compartment is located in the Crane stock.

BOLT Airsoft AKSU-74 BRSS Now Shipping

With a bit of delay, as it was originally scheduled for release in August, the BOLT Airsoft finally announce that the BOLT AKS74U BRSS is now available. This is the second AKSU-74 AEG in the airsoft market that has the recoil and blowback features... "After a period of striving, Bolt's new AK is released. Thanks for all the players for patience. And BOLT's AK will not let you down."

BOLT AKS74U BRSS August Release

BOLT Airsoft announce that the BOLT AKS74U BRSS, the AEG with Recoil and Blowback feature will be released this month. It has full stamping with new hop-up set and piston head. As for pricing, it is not indicated yet. This release from BOLT Airsoft makes it the second the AKS74U with electric blowback and recoil in the airsoft market... "Good News! The strongest BOLT AK recoil AEG is completed and ready to shock the world in August."

BOLT Airsoft AK74U EBB & Recoil

Another video giving us another quick peek of the upcoming BOLT Airsoft AK with the BRSS. Tomy Lee of BOLT Airsoft says this AK BRSS will be released next month. If you are looking for alternatives to the Marui AK Blowback and Recoil AEGs, this offering from BOLT Airsoft should do, and it will be more affordable.

6mm TV: BOLT Airsoft SWAT BRSS Series

6mm TV features the BOLT Airsoft SWAT Series in this episode. These are the first MP5 AEGs with the electric blowback and recoil features using the BOLT Recoil Shock System (BRSS)... "We've kept silent for awhile and boy was it hard to contain! But, today is the day we spill the beans! We are so pysched to announce that #6mmTV has partnered up with BoltAirsoft and we'll be reviewing their new EBB SWAT SERIES guns. Namely the SWAT SD5, SWAT A4 TAC & SWAT MP5. Their units are out in stores now!"

Red Army IWA 2018: BOLT, Modify & Lonex

Three more booths at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018 for Red Army Airsoft to visit... "In this issue we look at the Modify, Lonex and BOLT Airsoft booth. The first novelty, shown to us at the Modify stand, was the compact CQB carbine calld XTC PDW. In fact, this is the continuation of the XTC drive line from Modify, which I even did a review. The purpose of the new carbine is CQB or secondary weapons. The main feature is a compact butt, reminiscent of Tanker Stock.

CQB Monster In Abandoned Hospital

Phoenix Feather Airsoft takes out a Bolt Airsoft MK18 TBS with a Nuprol M203 mounted for some CQB action in Germany... "Today we play at THE HILL an old abandoned Mental Hospital near Meschede, Germany. I field my brand new Bolt MK18 TBS with Nuprol M203 for the first time and I have to say I am absolutely in love with both! The new generation Bolt comes with enhanced Bodyparts, as well as with an integrated Mosfet and 6.00mm tuning Barrel. Enjoy!!!"

Gunfire With BOLT Airsoft IWA 2018

It is Leszek of Gunfire roaming the halls of Nuremberg Messe to bring to you live what's happening at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018. For this livestream (recorded), he visits the BOLT Airsoft, which is located with FreeShot in Hall 7-A and they check out the upcoming BOLT Airsoft AK with the Bolt Recoil Shock System (BRSS).

Gunfire: BOLT Airsoft B4 SR16 (B.R.S.S.)

The BOLT Airsoft B4 SR16 BRSS (Blowback and Recoil Shock System) is in stock at Gunfire and here is Lezek to tell you more about it... "B4 SR16 (B.R.S.S.) carbine replica by Taiwanese BOLT Airsoft company is undoubtedly a significant step forward in the evolution of AEG replicas. Due to implemented innovative solutions, it was finally possible to mimic the experience of using a GBBR type replica in a AEG type replica.