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Black Category Sale At Military 1st

It's back to black early this year and you get 10% off your puchases of items in black with the Military 1st Black Colour Category Sale. Use the discount code provided here upon checkout for the discount to apply... "Right now we offer 10% off entire Black colour category with Discount Code BLK19.

Carol Grillo: G&G CM RK47 Black AEG

Carol Grillo features the CM RK47 AEG from G&G Armament that is available at Hit Airsoft in Brazil... "This airsoft rifle is made for the great fans of AK47. In the BLACK version that makes it even more beautiful, this equipment joins G&G's guaranteed beauty and quality.  Its reinforced inner parts, its lightweight and reinforced zinc alloy material bring comfort and durability.

"BLACK" Season 2 Episode 1 - Extraction

"BLACK" the web series is back with Season 2 and we start with Episode 1 called "Extraction"... "This is the first of six episodes in Season 2 of BLACK, the high action web series from Writer/Director Frank T. Ziede. The series stars real life military and LE veterans and takes it cues from projects like 24, HOMELAND, STRIKE BACK and countless others. Find out more at www.blackthewebseries.com. Please be aware, this is a limited time viewing event!

Multicam Black Pouches Now At WGC Shop

Already got your Crye Precision Multicam Black Shirt and Trouser Set? Now you need to add the rest of the tactical gear such as pouches and caps that are of the same pattern. WGC Shop announced that they have what you need and at affordable prices. You can select from the following brands: Condor Outdoor, SWAT, and A-TWO.

The Multicam Family of Patterns Revealed

As promised, Crye Precision officially release the next patterns in the Multicam Family to fit the operating environments even better... "The MultiCam® patterns were developed to provide maximum effectiveness across diverse operating environments with a minimum logistical burden.

BLACK Webseries Episode 5: Intercept

After they missed the MR6 warheads in Uzbekistan and bagging a munitions expert. The team is back in Chicago where they expect the WMD to be heading. The bomb was intercepted in a ship coming from Somalia, and they had planted a camera in the cargo to identify the bomber when he gets to the WMD. They staked a warehouse in Chicago which is owned by the Russian mob and the cargo was opened by the Bomber who looks like the same guy who killed the Director in Episode 1.

BLACK Webseries Episode 4: Killbox

They missed capturing back the stolen MR6 warheads, but bagged a munitions expert where he gets interrogated on the spot. Find out if they get the information they need to prevent a global conflagration... "Here's episode 4 of 6 of BLACK the web series. This entire series was shot over 5 days in two states in the Midwest with a budget of only roughly $10,000.00. Thanks for watching.

BLACK Web Series Episodes 2 & 3

It's surprising that the next two episodes from the Black Webseries were uploaded one after another. The second episode shows the Director being blown-up by the informant with an IED in his body and in Episode 3, the team is sent to Uzbekistan to retrieve some stolen MR6 Warheads hidden in church ruins. Arriving at the area, they encounter a group of armed men determined to prevent them from retrieving the warheads.

BLACK Web Series Episode 1: "Catalyst "

The first episode of the webseries "Black" that was successfully funded through crowdfunding via Kickstarter is now online. A total of 6 episodes of 5-minute length per episode will be shown. Episode 1: "Catalyst" shows a scene of an informant who wants to talk to the CIA Director as his life is in danger. The assassin will be the informant's brother and as to how he will do it, the director must learn about it.

"Black" Webseries Official Teaser Launched

We wrote about this crowdfunded project last October and now the project is full steam ahead and they just released their official teaser today... "Here is the first official teaser for the new high action web series BLACK, created by writer/director Frank T. Ziede. Scheduled to launch Summer of 2013, BLACK stars Mikal Vega (TRANSFORMERS-DARK OF THE MOON, GI JOE RETALIATION, THE LAST SHIP) and Wesley John (SCORPION KING, THE UNIT, COMMON LAW).