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Unicorn Leah: Drug Running in Aruba!

Wanting to play in tropical island paradise? Jet and Unicorn Leah recently did and here is another video of their airsoft gameplay at Hot Triggers. They are organising Aruba airsoft tours so get in touch with them to learn more... "Ever wondered what it's like to play airsoft on a Caribbean island? Welcome to airsoft in South America! Jet DesertFox and I traveled to Aruba to check out their jungle airsoft scene.

DesertFox Airsoft In Aruba: Jungle Sniper

If you want to play airsoft in Aruba as well as enjoy the sun and the beach, there is an Aruba Airsoft Tours being promoted by DesertFox Airsoft. How about that? Airsoft tourism can be a good industry to look into... "Today I'm playing airsoft in Aruba for Operation: Guest hosted by Aruba Airsoft Adventures and Hot Triggers Paintball and Airsoft Field.