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WGC Shop: G&G ARP-9 & Mags Restock

WGC Shop announce that they've got in stock the G&G Armamnet ARP-9 PDW AEG and they also got the 60-round and 300-round magazines for it too. If you are also look for optics for it, they got some recommendations... "This is the best AEG for your girl friend and wife! It's super light weight, ETU, MOSFET and reasonably priced, which is the most important!

ASGI G&G ARP-9 AEG First Impressions

The G&G Armament ARP-9 AEG is now at Airsoft GI and two of their GIs, Cisco and Michael, give their first impressions. The G&G ARP-9 is a compact, PDW-type AEG that uses a 9mm magazine rather than an M4/M16 Magazine. As it is a compact, it works best in CQB situations in airsoft. Watch the video below to find out what these two guys think about this AEG.