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New Shooter-AR Mobile Game App

0'20 Magazine feature the Shooter-AR mobile game app you can use with your replica gun made by Emagein-3D in this video. Here is what its developers say about it... "Engage yourself in the best competitive tactical shooting experience in Augmented Reality. You want to turn military training drills into tactical gaming with unlimited case situations, this is for you. You design your own course and compete with friends.

Arc’teryx Announce Their iPhone App

Do online shopping for Arc'teryx products anytime, anywhere as they launched their Arc'teryx iPhone App. Apart from shopping you can learn more about their products and even customise how you want to receive information from them... "Shop, search and explore from anywhere. Streamlined and easy to use, the Arc'teryx app is the quickest way to connect with Arc'teryx on your phone.


Hyperdouraku Tries The SVGMAP App

Not exactly a first in airsoft but it still is an interesting app, Hyperdouraku reports about the Survival Game Map (SVGMAP) which is an mapping application using Google Maps and available for Android and iOs device users. In the event organised by SVGMAP, players of up to 90 were able to use the app, making it able to accommodate that number of players.

PolarStar Airsoft App At Google Play

Just announced is a PolarStar Mobile App called Polarized which will help users of PolarStar products, especially their EPAR series and Fusion Engine HPA gearbox to make calculations in configuring their Polairzed airsoft guns. The app costs US$2.99 at Google Play, though we highly recommend that they make it free for their customers.

Theodolite Augmented Reality Navigation App

Version 3 of the Theodolite Augmented Reality Navigation App for iPhones and iPads is now out.  Version 3 can now allow movie recording that you can have watermark overlay and set the quality of the video. It also has three large format stadiametric rangefinders for hunters and military users.

ANA Releases Free Android Airsoft App

Jérémy Walther, the president of the Association de Normalisation de l'Airsoft, sent us the news last 26 December of their latest application to help airsoft players for FPS calculation which you can install in your portable android gadgets. More on it below so better open you android market app to get this... "The ANA just released the Android Application called 'ANA Airsoft Tool'.  With this app, you can:

Airsoft GPS Android Application

Spotted at AppBrain which may just be useful for airsoft events on a large terrain or milsim games. This costs US$2.13 to download and runs on Android version 2.1 or higher...  "This application seeks to replace expensive GPS navigators used for training and competitions Airsoft transforming your device into an efficient navigation.

Shootmyash RangeCloud Mobile App

PRESS RELEASE: WEST CHESTER, Pa. Shootmyash, an interactive target systems company for the world Airsoft market, has announced RangeCloud™, a wireless Intranet server designed to enhance the Airsoft experience and operations.

Jag Precision iPhone App Gearbox Simulator

Free download to your iPhone. Unfortunately, I already ditched my iPhone and went Android so I cannot tell you how this app works. I just hope they make one for the Android soon enough... "Jag Precision is proud to present Gearbox Simulator. Virtually build the ultimate airsoft V.2 gearbox! Create hundreds of variations to find the perfect setup.

Airsoftology Airsoft Radio Android App

Rather than downloading each time an episode of Airsoftology, why not listen it from your phone wherever you are with this Airsoftology Android app made by Wizzard Media,. This works for Android 2.1 mobile devices and higher... "This is the most convenient way to access Airsoftology on your phone. With this app you are always connected to the latest episodes and the show.