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AK Series

Sniper AS: Classic Army AK Series

The AK AEG series from Classic Army are back again, and if based in our experience with these before, they are good performers, but are the latest batch as good as the old? Sniper AS show us what is available from the series nowadays... "Hey guys, we would like to introduce you to the Classic Army AK series here today. Classic Army is still a household name among the 'old hands' in the airsoft scene and has always been a brand you can rely on.

E&L Gen 2 AK Series Internals Breakdown

How improved is the E&L Airsoft AK Generation 2 Series? Tang of Jag Precision does a take down video to show you the internals... "In this video we cover the improvements between the E&L Gen1 and Gen2 internals. A streamlined takedown process and quick-change spring makes this gun even easier to work on."

E&L Airsoft AK Series - "Realistic"

Jag Precision are profuse in their praise of the AK series from E&L Airsoft, which they say is the most realstici airsoft AK AEG series in the market today... "The E&L Airsoft AK is the most realistic airsoft AK rifle on the market. Everything from the weight to the feel you get when field stripping the rifle will make you believe that you are using the real thing.