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AK Guy

The Kalash Report SHOT 2019 Edition

It's all AK for this SHOT Show 2019 report as Brandon Herrera, aka the AK Guy, goes around to check the AKs on display at the trade event... "This month on the Kalash Report, it’s SHOT Show time! Meaning we get to stop by and see all of your favorite AK companies and see what’s cooking!

"Can You 3D Print An AK-47?"

With 3D printed firearms an issue these days, Brandon Herrera, the AK Guy, checks if an AK-47 can be 3D Printed... "Have you ever wondered if you could 3D print an AK receiver and fire it? Turns out the answer is yes....kind of. From CAD, to MakerBot, to build table, we show you why you probably shouldn’t rely on 3D printers for your AK receiver needs."

Brandon Herrera: AK-50 Update

If you are following the development of the AK-50, the .50 BGM AK being produced by the AK Guy, here is an update from Brandon Herrera himself... "It’s been a couple of months since I hit YouTube with an AK-50 update, so I figured it was about time I let you guys know what all has been going on, and (more importantly) when I think the next steps will be finished!"

News2Share: Inside The AK-50 (Video)

News2share talks to Brandon Herrera, aka "The AK Guy" to learn more about why he is building the AK-50, a rifle based on the AK design but fires the .50 BMG round... "Brandon is building the AK-50, a variation of the classic Kalashnikov style of rifles that will fire .50 BMG rounds. The rifle is projected have killing power at 3,000 yards (1.7 miles) away from a given target. The first-of-its-kind weapon will have the power to penetrate through layers of solid material."

An AK-50 Airsoft Version In The Works?

It looks like the clamor for an airsoft version of the AK-50 has been heard. According to a reliable source, there are negotiations ongoing for the AK-50 to be brought to the airsoft market. Whilst, nothing is finalised yet, the AK Guy might be interested in other offers from other manufacturers. If interested, try to drop him message via the following:

The AK Guy Unveils The .50 BMG AK-50

The AK Guy has come with his biggest project to date. Formerly known as the "Project AKG" he finally unveils  his big bad AK gun yesterday, the AK-50 which of course is an AK that uses the .50 calibre. It still uses the AK operating system of a long piston driven rotating bolt design. Will it be as durable and reliable as the other Kalashnikovs?

The AK Guy plans on getting orders next year, will he allow an airsoft licence for it?