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Follow us at AAF At The SHOT Show 2019

The American Airsoft Factory (AAF) was at the SHOT Show 2019 and they got a visit from to check out what they have to offer... "The airsoft manufacturer American Airsoft Factory (AAF) had a booth at SHOT Show 2019 and showed their battery powered airsoft guns which according to them are the most realistic on market." Elite Force SHOT Show 2019

You may have already watched several videos of Elite Force at the SHOT Show 2019. But perhaps you may still want to watch one more as the crew get hold of Diles46 to talk about their products... "Elite Force Airsoft (Umarex USA) showed many new and upcoming airsoft products for 2019.

The products shown in this video are mainly for the US market." Titan Power SHOT Show 2019

Learn more battery products for your AEG made from Titan Power in this video by at the SHOT Show 2019... "The battery brand Titan Power was in the distributor ZShot's booth at SHOT Show 2019 and showed some of their current battery products but also some new and upcoming. RedWolf Airsoft SHOT Show 2019

Next up in the series of SHOT Show 2019 by show Tim Selby of RWTV and Airsoft Amigos talk about the products from RedWolf Airsoft and RWA... "The distributor and manufacturer RWA (RedWolf Airsoft) showed some of their own licensed products.

The RWA B.A.D. GBBR will be released within some months. This use eg. the ZET system from Tokyo Marui. Later on they will also release an AEG model with the same external appearance. PolarStar SHOT Show 2019 continue to post videos they took from the SHOT Show 2019 and they have PolarStar Airsoft talk about the UGS and CGS stocks... "The manufacturer PolarStar Airsoft showed some of their new and upcoming stocks and buffer tubes for HPA powered airsoft guns.

The product Universal Gas Stock (UGS) was recently released and they also showed some prototypes of their CO2 Gas Stock (CGS) which will be released later this year. More details later." Tippmann SHOT Show 2019

There are products from Tippmann for this year and they were on display at the SHOT Show 2019. talks to Andy Yoshida to know what these are in this video... "The airsoft manufacturer Tippmann Tactical showed some upcoming products in their booth at SHOT Show 2019." PTS EPM1 Prototype shows the prototype PTS Syndicate EPM1 that was on display at the SHOT Show 2019... "At SHOT Show 2019 we saw a prototype of the upcoming PTS EPM1 magazine and this product is a collaboration between PTS and Odin Innovations. This magazine has an indicator which show (roughly) how many BBs are left. The magazine can take around 200 BBs and the release date will be at the end of this year" AI Master Mike 40mm Grenade

We get a closer look at the Master Mike 40mm Grenade from Airsoft Innovations with this of Sweden video taken from their SHOT Show 2019 booth... "The canadian company Airsoft Innovations showed their new airsoft grenade Master Mike at SHOT Show 2019." Interview With Thomas Mikkelsen conducts an interview with one of airsoft's more colourful members. Thomas Mikkelsen works for Action Sport Games (ASG) and also runs Kireru Disuprtive Society. He's also known as  "Deadpool" amongst his friends in airsoft... "There are many in this industry that really distinguish themselves in knowledge, helpfulness and charisma. We will focus on the latter and aim the headlight for a person who has been very helpful to us at when it comes to the major fairs and information for news. IWA Outdoor Classics 2018: APS visited the APS booth during the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany and they got hold of Joe Lau to tell more about the new PER MKVI and other products... "The airsoft manufacturer APS from Hong Kong had an own booth this year and shown some of their new and upcoming products.

E.g. the recently released Phantom Extremis Rifle (PER) MK VI with collapsible stock"