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Airsoft Mike

Acetech AT2000 & VFC KAC Suppressor

Airsoft Mike got two products in just one package to review... "Possibly the best of both worlds! Thanks to ACETECH for sending me the all new AT2000 Predator Tracer Unit, combined with the VFC KAC M4 style Suppressor! Fits any standard 14mm ccw thread. This tacticool bit of kit totally blew me away with how bright it lights up the BBs! Join me as I unbox and showcase the Predator!"

Airsoft Mike: AI XL Burst Impact Grenade

Airsoft Mike gets the XL Burst Impact Banger Grenade from Airsoft Innovations for a review this time. Cover your ears with the sound upon impact... "Today's video is all about that Airsoft Grenade that goes BANG! But uses gas to do so! Thanks to RedWolf Airsoft UK for sending this to me to unbox, review and test!"

Airsoft Mike: Daisy X7 Fake Or Real?

Airsoft Mike could not believe a bargain he gets with the Daisy X7 Goggles that he bought. It is a cheap pair of tactical sunglasses made in China that comes with more goodies apart from the eyewear itself. But will it be good enough to protect your eyes since it does not have any safety standard certification?

Airsoft Mike: S&T/ARES PPSh-41 AEG Review

A collector's item for World War II airsoft militaria enthusiasts though it is still in use by irregular forces around the world, the PPSh-41 has an airsoft version in the form of the S&T/Ares Airsoft PPSh-41 AEG as reviewed by Airsoft Mike... "Great for re-enactment, amazing as a wall hanger, but is it awesome for airsoft gameplay? Join me as I unbox this epic Airsoft PPSH 41.

Airsoft Mike: EMG SAI Hi-Capa 5.1 GBB

Fully licensed Salient International Hi-Capa 5.1 Gas Blowback Weapon under the EMG brand gets the attention of Airsoft Mike in this review... "The EMG (Evike Manufacturing Group) / SAI (Salient Arms International) 2011 DS Airsoft Training Weapon has finally landed at Airsoft Mike HQ!

This long awaited airsoft sidearm is a beast and will have heads turning in any airsoft gameplay field!"

Airsoft Mike: Marui Albert W Model 01

It looks like Airsoft Mike is so impressed with the newest airsoft gas blowback pistol from Tokyo Marui, the Samurai Edge Albert W Model 01 which was released for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard... "Hands down this is the best Airsoft pistol package I have ever bought! Join me as I unbox and review the latest Tokyo Marui Resident Evil pistol from Resident Evil 7."

Airsoft Mike: ASP OTs-03 SVU AEG

Airsoft Mike unboxes and reviews the OTs-03 SVU Bullpup AEG that is built by Airsoft Pioneer (ASP). This comes with an SVD scope mount base, full metal receiver, and integrated bipod. As it is a bullpup configuration, this gives a compact profile but the range of a rifle... "This has to be the coolest 'sniper rifle' to date, in my collection! And I am basing that on looks alone!

Join me as I unbox and put this tacticool airsoft rifle to the test!"

Airsoft Mike: CSI XR-5 w/ Tracer Unit

Airsoft Mike installs the Acetech AT100 Trace Unit on to the CSI XR-5 AEG for this video to find out how it will look and perform... "Here it is! I have finally installed an a tracer unit onto the CSI XR-5 Airsoft rifle! Join me for the quick tutorial and a demonstration of the XR-5 and Tracer unit in action!"

Airsoft Mike: ASG Lens Protector

Airsoft Mike checks out a lens protector for your optics from Action Sports Game (ASG)... "So I bought this new Lens Protection by ASG! Will it do the job? Join me as I unbox, review and put it through its paces in my impact test! This is available from Ebay UK (Ships worldwide) also available from Amazon UK. Just search for ASG Lens Protection."

Airsoft Mike: HFC HG-138 Mini Launcher

A good one to have along with you as a weapon of last resort when you don't can't reload on time. Airsoft Mike reviews the HFC HG-138 Mini Tactical Grenade Launcher that can be mounted on any gun rail system... "JK Army sent this little beast to me and boy does it pack a punch! Join me as I unbox and test this HFC HG-138 Mini Tactical Grenade Launcher! "