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Airsoft Mike

Airsoft Mike: Tokyo Marui AK47 Mini

Airsoft Mike posted a Holiday Special video covering the Tokyo Marui AK47 Mini... "It's the holidays, so time for something a little different and fun! Emphasis on the word LITTLE! This is the Tokyo Marui Mini Series. A series of Airsoft AEGs that are literally stumpy and small versions of their full size counterparts!

Join me today as I unbox the TM AK47 Mini!"

Evolution Recon LA M4 Carbontech

Another unboxing and quick review by Airsoft Mike of the Recon LA M4 Carbine Carbontech. Made by Evolution Airsoft of Italy, this comes with the LVOA-style handguard... "The Italian based Airsoft company EVOLUTION AIRSOFT have another new range of Airsoft primaries for you! Huge thanks to them for sending me this brand new model! Join me as I unbox and test their latest offering, with a slight lyrical twist!"

Airsoft Mike: Riot Shield For Airsoft Games

Airsoft Mike got a riot shield that is made for use in airsoft games. Check with your game site first if they allow use of riot shields.. "Today's video is powered by Lightake! They kindly provided this awesome looking Airsoft shield that is marketed for Airsoft gameplay! Join me as I take a look and test its impact capabilities!"

Airsoft Mike: Fully Upgraded S&T M1903A3

Airsoft Mike show us a T-N.T fully upgraded S&T M1903A3 rifle. If you want to know the upgrades done on the rifle, better grab pen and paper to jot down the parts used... "Today's video is kindly sponsored by SWITAIRSOFT.COM! They specialize in upgrading and selling Airsoft weapons from WWI, WW2 and other eras in the past. They also sell upgraded parts.

Airsoft Mike Shows His Airsoft Collection

Just like any other airsoft YouTuber, an airsoft collection episode is always a must. Airsoft Mike shows his as he gets a bigger space... "This is it! I have moved my Airsoft collection to a brand new location! My last place was getting too small for the collection so a move was always inevitable! Join me on an epic brief tour of the new Airsoft Man Cave!"

Airsoft Mike: Nuprol M79 Grenade Launcher

Nuprol got its own airsoft version of the Thumper and Airsoft Mike gets one for this unboxing and review episode... "My latest purchase is this very epic looking Nuprol N79 Launcher, based on the original Springfield M79 Launcher. Also known as the Thumper, Blooper, BIg Ed and many more nicknames!."

Airsoft Mike: Umarex Glock 34 Co2 Deluxe

The Glock 34 CO2 Pistol from Umarex lands on the hands of Airsoft Mike for him to give his take... "It's finally here! The Glock 34 from Umarex / Elite Force. Join me as I unbox and test the latest from the Airsoft Glock family. This product is currently on back order or not yet released in many places. Check my Twitter for updates or check back here in this video description for updated info on availability of this model."

Airsoft Mike: Phantom Sniper Conversion Kit

Airsoft Mike gets his hands on a Snow Wolf Steyr Aug with the Phantom Sniper Conversion Kit... "My latest impulse purchase was based purely on looks alone, which is crazy as this was one of my least favourite platforms! But now.. it's one of my faves! Join me as I unbox the awesome looking Airsoft STEYR AUG from SNOW WOLF, with that epic Phantom kit, already installed!

Airsoft Mike: Xcortech XT301 Tracer

Airsoft Mike reviews the Xcortech XT301 Tracer Unit probably the smallest tracer unit available at airsoft retailers today... "I get my hands on the smallest Airsoft Tracer I have ever owned! Many thanks to XCORTECH for sending this to me, so I can unbox and test.. Airsoft Mike style!

Airsoft Mike: APS CAM MKIII SF Co2

Airsoft Mike got a new baby and it's one of the new MKIII CO2 Shotguns from APS... "Huge thanks to APS for sending me a sample of their new pre-order Shell Ejecting Airsoft shotgun! It's their latest model, incorporating the new improved MK3 system that gives you more power and modified internals!

With the help of the extended push pin, the CAM MKIII gives you 330 to 360 FPS, which is more powerful than the old MKI and MK2 system!"