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Airsoft Grenadier

Enola Gaye EG67 Review By Airsoft Grenadier

We see the Airsoft Grenadier into action of reviewing grenades for use in airsoft. He reviews the new Enola Gaye EG67 Ball Grenade for this video... "The latest Enola Gaye Airsoft Grenade. This time an awesome little ring pull ball grenade based on the M67 Ball Grenade.

Filmed on location at Section 8 Airsoft, Scotland."

The Airsoft Grenadier Achieves 50k Subscribers

Upcoming reviews from the Airsoft Grenadier and he thanks his fans for helping him achieve 50k plus subscribers... "Two new guns ready for full review and more pyro on its way too! On the date of this upload i've broken through the 50,000 subscriber mark so i would like to say a huge Thank You to everyone for supporting me by subscribing, watching and interacting with my channel content.

Airsoft Grenadier: Enola Gaye EG18X

The Airsoft Grenadier gives us a teaser video of the new Enola Gaye EG18X high output airsoft smoke grenade. This smoke grenade can layout a more effective smoke screen in short amount of time... "Teaser! The EG18X is the new military grade smoke screen by Enola Gaye for Airsoft and Paintball. A truly awesome smoke!"

Cloud 9 Airsoft Smoke Grenades Review

Moving from the Thunder Flash Pyros, the Airsoft Grenadier checks out the Smoke Grenades from Cloud 9 Combat... "Superb wire pull Smoke Grenades by Cloud 9 Combat. These smokes provide a fast, high volume output making them awesome screening devices for Airsofters and Paintballers."

Airsoft Grenadier: Cloud 9 Combat Thunderflash

The Airsoft Grenadier shows another Thunderflash pyro that is made by Cloud 9 Combat... "Awesome Thunderflash from Cloud 9 Combat. This pyro is twice as thick as it's competitors which makes it that bit better for throwing with distance and accuracy. This is a superb, easy to use, pyro which brings yet more options for Airsofters and Paintballers."

Airsoft Grenadier: TLSFx Thunder Flashes

More on the pyro products from TLSFx that are in use in many airsoft sites in the United Kingdom. The Airsoft Grenadier goes over the Thunder Flashes from TLSFx that were designed to meet requirements of airsoft players. There are three versions: the Mark 4, Mark 5, and Mark 7. So what are the differences amongs these Thunder Flashes? Watch the video below to find out:

TLSFx Thermobaric And Smoke Grenades

Some sound and smoke grenade action from the Airsoft Grenadier as he shows the Smoke and Themorbarick Grenades from TLSFx at a game at Section 8 Airsoft in Scotland... "Check out these awesome Thermobaric Grenades by TLSFx. The Russian Spetsnaz boys storm the Section 8 Kill House with TLSFx Dual Vent Smokes, Thermobaric Multi-Bang and standard Thermobarics. These nades are simply awesome!"'

TLSFx Airsoft German Stick Grenade

A good addition to your kit when playing a World War II themed airsoft game, the Airsoft German Stick Grenade made by TLSFx gets reviewed by the Airsoft Grenadier... "A look at the fantastic German Stick Grenade from TLSFx. A small scale version of the iconic grenade from the World Wars. Filmed on location at Section 8 Airsoft with the assistance of my friend David in his WWII kit."

Airsoft Grenadier: Airsoft Cannon at Section 8

Now, this is interesting, another airsoft artillery that will be used in a game in Scotland. Watch this video from the Airsoft Grenadier... "Turn your volume UP!! The mock up German artillery piece is for a WWII Milsim at Section 8 Airsoft so we decided to have some fun with TLSFx and Enola Gaye Thunder Flashes!"

Airsoft Grenadier: EG18X Smoke Teaser

The Airsoft Grenadier received a bunch of the new Enola Gaye EG18X smoke grenades that can spew out even more smoke than its predecessor. Here is his sneak preview video... "Sneak peek of the new EG18X smoke grenade from Enola Gaye!! Standby for lots more pyrotastic reviews and demo videos!"