More Maxx Model Hop-Ups At Airsoft Atlanta


Maxx Model are churning out more hop-up units for use in airsoft guns that have different power sources and there are four that have arrived at Airsoft Atlanta such as the M4 AEGs as well as a specific one for ICS Airsoft M4 AEG. For HPA airsoft users, they have units for the Wolverine Airsoft MTW and PolarStar Airsoft. Check the links below to learn more:

VFC HK MG4 VFC LMG AEG At Airsoft Atlanta


For those in the U.S.A. waiting for the availability of the VFC HK MG4 VFC LMG AEG, they can now order from Airsoft Atlanta and they've got limited stock... "The HK MG4 LMG VFC AEG is one of Elite Force's newest airsoft guns! With its ultra-high quality aluminum metal/polymer construction, it features fully licensed H&K trademarks (Umarex) in the package of an MG4 at an extremely light weight.

Elite Force HK416A5 Competition AEG At Airsoft Atlanta


The Elite Force HK416A5 Competition AEG in black and tan colours is in stock right now at Airsoft Atlanta... "The HK416A5 M4 AEG. A fully licensed airsoft gun from HK/Elite Force 0 Competition model 2022. This is part of Elite Force's competition line, high end steel gears, and robust gearbox.  Comes in Tan or Black.

Parts compatibility is assumed to be V2 but has yet to be confirmed.

G&G ARP556 2.0 AEG At Airsoft Atlanta


The compact G&G ARP556 Version 2.0 AEG in black colour is available to order at Airsoft Atlanta... "The G&G ARP556 CQB M4 AEG - Black - Top Tech. This is a very compact M4 airsoft gun for CQB battlefields. It's shocking how small this well built all metal gun is. Can use all standard M4 parts, accessories, magazines, etc. This gun is solid! Internally programmable Mosfet unit for 3-round burst and other options.

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