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Action Air

IPSC Action Air Championship In Brazil

Paulista Federation of Practical Shooting (PFTP) are inviting airsoft practical shooters to participate in the IV Stage of the IPSC Paulista Championship 2017- ACTION AIR. This will take place on the 29th of October with an RO Pre-Match on the 28th. This event will take place at the CTTR Recon, Rua Sebastião Bach, 89, Vila Leopoldina, São Paulo, Brazil. Registration is still ongoing.

ASG Dan Wesson At Action Air Match

Paul Wignell shares a video from Chi Hong on the use of the ASG Dan Wesson Revolver for an Action Air/Practical Airsoft Pistol Shooting Match... "Chi Hong one of the Netherlands top open division shooters (if not the best) takes up Action Air IPSC Revolver Division. Chi using the ASG Dan Wesson revolver with ASG MoonClip with Speed clips. Great job Chi."

2018 IPSC Action Air World Shoot Promo

It is definitely happening, the Inaugural World Shoot of IPSC Action Air and it will take place in Hong Kong next year. Is your country going to be represented in this event? We hope to see your shooters next year... "The Inaugural IPSC Action Air World Shoot will be hosted by Hong Kong, unquestionably the world headquarters of this exciting aspect of IPSC shooting.

Dutch Open 2017 Set For 11-12 November

The Dutch Open International Airsoft Practical Shooting Tournament 2017 is set for 11-12 November 2017 and it is now moving to a new venue. From Papendal Sports Centrum, it will be held at the NABV's Dutch National Airsoft Centre... "The date for the Dutch Open 2017 is set. Dutch Open 2017 will be held in the Dutch National Airsoft Centre in Geldermalsen (Tielerweg 9) Date is set for november 11 and 12 2017.

Airsoft Surgeon 5th Championship Tickets

RedWolf Airsof UK have now opened tickets for the Airsoft Surgeon 5th Annual Championships (European Championship), the biggest airsoft practical shooting event in Europe... "The Airsoft Surgeon would like to invite all Practical Airsoft Shooters to participate in the Airsoft Surgeon 5th Annual Championship 2017.

Joe Lau: Airsoft IPSC Division & Pistol Intro

Champion airsoft practical shooter and also a real steel practical shooter Joe Lau talks about the various different kinds of pistols and divisions in airsoft practical shooting. For those confused about this and Action Air, Action Air is the official designation by IPSC to airsoft practical shooting. Whilst he speaks in Cantonese, you can actually follow and understand what he means as some captions will be displayed.

Warpaper: TPSA Action Air IPSC Level 1

The Warpaper crew were in Taiwan last 15 June to attend to the Taiwan Practical Shooting Association (TPSA) Level 1 Action Air IPSC Match... "Organized by DFSZ, the TPSA IPSC Action Air Level 1 match was held on June 15 in the Elite field camp. There was a total of four stages, with 56 shooters participating in this match. Fortunately, the weather was fine and it didn't rain during match time. Barbecue lunch arranged by organizer. It was really special that I can try the Taiwan style BBQ!

JL Progression Products At Bunny Workshop

Bunny Workshop have announced that they are now stockists of JL Progression products which are upgrades needed by the airsoft practical shooter. JL Progression is the combination of Joseph Lau who has over 30 years of makign high quality steel and aluminium metal parts; and Joe Lau, the founder of the company, with 14 years of shooting experience and the top ranked airsoft practical shooter of Hong Kong.

AS IPSC European Championships!

As we have reported before, during the Airsoft Arms Fair 7, Jim Septhon mentioned to me of their plan to hold the European Championships. Not much details yet during that day, but earlier today, he sent us the banner and information about the event and Clarence Lai/Airsoft Surgeon and RedWolf Airsoft will be sponsoring this event.

Action Air Footages From The Philippines

It's time to post some Action Air (Airsoft IPSC) footage as we found two from the Philippines at coming from the same video author. We want to promote airsoft practical shooting or action air, or AIPCS, whatever you want to call it, but we found faults in these videos which we recommend that other should avoid when putting up such videos to help this discipline: