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0'20 Magazine

0'20 Magazine: The Perfect Airsoft Replica

Cesar and Javi are back in this episode of 0'20 Magazine, the free airsoft print and online magazine. They talk about their airsoft guns and talk about what they think to be the airsoft replica. We all have our ideas of what perfect replica should be but hear these guys out, you might get some nice ideas too. Just turn on your language captions is this in Spanish.

New Shooter-AR Mobile Game App

0'20 Magazine feature the Shooter-AR mobile game app you can use with your replica gun made by Emagein-3D in this video. Here is what its developers say about it... "Engage yourself in the best competitive tactical shooting experience in Augmented Reality. You want to turn military training drills into tactical gaming with unlimited case situations, this is for you. You design your own course and compete with friends.

PMC Loadout By Viper Tactical

It's an all-Viper Kit for this episode of 0'20 Magazine. Javi and Cesar put together a list of gear that can sources from Viper Tactical that can help you build that that PMC impression. From the Special Ops Chest Rig to the Fleece Hoodie, to the Rigger Belt, Viper Tactical got the stuff you need.

0'20 Magazine: E-RAZ Impact Airsoft Grenade

Looks like France is getting to be the centre of airsoft grenade development. 0'20 Magazine present another one from that country, the E-Raz Impact Airsoft Grenade made by Z-Parts. This is a fast reload, one-piece high density polymer gas-powered impact grenade and has 36-degree dispersion of BBs upon impact. It has a capacity of 100BBs and can fit a 40mm grenade pouch even it is 52mm in diametre.

0'20 Magazine: Specna Arms EDGE Series

Cesar of 0'20 Magazine gets his hands on the Specna Arms EDGE Series. Fully licensed Rock River Arms markings are in seen in the AEG and this is the first AEG that comes equipped with the GATE Electronics MOSFET as part of the package. Apart from that it has features such as the quick spring change and fully upgraded Orion Version 2 Gearbox.

0'20 Magazine: Umarex HK416A5 AEG

Next review by Cesar of 0'20 Magazine is the Umarex HK416A5 AEG. Fully licensed and made by Vega Force Company (VFC), this has the Avalon Gearbox with a built-in MOSFET, and a slim line telescopic stock with a slip resistant buttpadd. Operating is with ambidextrous fire selector, bolt stop, and magazine release.

0'20 Mag Discussion: 12 Strong Movie

0'20 Magazine's main guys, Cesar and Javier, have a chat to discuss the movie "12 Strong." We believe many airsofters have watched this movie which is based on the "Horse Soldiers" book about the team of U.S. Army Special Forces that were sent to Afghanistan after the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks in the U.S. to coordinate with the Northern Alliance who were up against the Taliban.

What Is The Best Airsoft Grenade?

The 0'20 Magazine crew go over the different types and brands of airsoft grenades to discuss which one is the best. It will depend also on how the purpose of an airsoft grenade is, like those used with launchers, hand tossed, or as a booby trap/landmine style. Which one do you think is the best?

0'20 Magazine: Umarex Walther PPQ

Another pistol for Cesar to go over in this 0'20 Magazine video, the Umarex Walther PPQ. Fully licensed and thus comes with the trademarks. It has a full metal slide, reinforced polymer frame and textured pistol grip. Hop-up adjustable with a trigger safety, and an under rail to attach weapons accessories.

Gel Pads On The New Z-Tactical Headset

Cesar and Javier unbox headsets from Z-Tactical in this episode of 0'20 Magazine. One is the 2018 edition of the Z-Tac Z044 Noise Cancelling Headset which comes with a Gel Pads to make it more comfortable to wear. This can be detached fron the headstrap and use the rail accessories to mount the ear muffs to helmet rails.