Stones vs. Bullets: A No Joke Skirmish

Gungho Cowboy

Editor's Note: After carefully evaluating if this article needs to be published here since it is not about airsoft per se, we deemed that we can allow this as we are also for freedom of expression, and freedom of the press. The Burmese Military Junta is not allowing journalists inside the country to report what is happening now there, and have been cutting off access to the internet so people on the ground won't be able to be able to send pictures and videos out for the world to know. Thus, we are also outraged by these brazen actions and call upon everyone to help in any which way they can.



While we enjoy ourselves taking part in weekend skirmishers with our fellow airsofters at our favourite skirmish sites, other people in another part of the world are in a different kind of skirmish. Playing hide and seek under a dangerous game of pushing for democracy and freedom, fighting with only stones, flags, and sandals, against an armed machine deep set to maintain an atmosphere of oppression and poverty.


I'm talking about Burma, or Myanmar for those who want it to call that country as put by its military junta. We have been reading what is happening there, where many people are being hauled off to jail, or shot in the streets. Where its military rulers are cutting off access to the internet to prevent reports of oppression and violence from leaking out of the country.


Japanese Freelance Journalist, Kenji Nagai, 50, shot by Myanmar security forces, still taking video while lying on the road, and later dies.(Reuters Photo)

This may not seem related to airsoft, but I would rather put this on the light of our freedom to play airsoft or even freedom to use the internet, such as what you're doing right now while reading this article. The disturbing reports coming out the country is starting to dwindle as the crackdown on those pushing for freedom and democracy is getting harder and harsher.


I just hope that you are also concerned in what's happening over there, and would like to contribute in any small way you can to keep the flames of freedom alive in that country. I am providing some links here that you may want to follow if you want to help the Burmese people fight for freedom that they so long wanted.

US Campaign for Burma

Burma Campaign UK

Canadian Friends of Burma


Sign the Global Petition

Stand with the Burmese Protesters

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