Stealth Arms Platypus 1911 Has A Classic Look & Takes Glock Magazines


Stealth Arms Platypus 1911

In the realm of firearms, where tradition and innovation clash, behold the Stealth Arms Platypus 1911, a creature defying classification. Imagine the smooth, timeless lines of the classic 1911, infused with the modern muscle of Glock magazines. This is no mere chimera, but a masterpiece of engineering, a harmonious blend of old and new, forged in American steel.

Its soul whispers with the spirit of John Browning, the 1911's godfather. The familiar grip angle, a trusted companion for generations, cradles your hand with comforting assurance. Yet, beneath the surface, a revolutionary twist: the Platypus eagerly devours Glock's double-stack magazines, its appetite for firepower exceeding any standard 1911.

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But the Platypus isn't content with mere functionality. It craves your personal touch. Through the magic of the online builder, you become the sculptor, molding its form to your desires. Every curve, every color, every texture – an extension of your will, a reflection of your shooting persona.

Performance? This beast doesn't disappoint. Imagine a symphony of American craftsmanship – each component meticulously CNC-machined, whispering tales of precision and quality. The finest materials sing in unison, delivering a flawless symphony of reliability and accuracy.

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Feast your eyes on its sleek, gunmetal-gray armor, adorned with chainlink serrations that bite into your grip for unwavering control. The flared magwell welcomes magazine changes with practiced ease, while the rounded trigger guard nestles comfortably against your finger.

Atop its slide, a gleaming RMR Red Dot Optic Cut Slide awaits, promising lightning-fast target acquisition. For those who crave a touch of theatricality, a side-windowed slide upgrade throws light onto the dance of the internal mechanism.

Its heart beats with a custom 3lb trigger, offering a crisp, clean break that translates your intentions into precise action. Steel sights, front and back, stand sentinel, their sharp serrations guiding your every shot.

This is not just a firearm; it's a statement. A fusion of heritage and progress, a canvas for your individuality, and a tool for unparalleled performance. For $1,799.99, the Platypus 1911 becomes yours, complete with three Glock magazines and a custom case. Unleash your inner gunsmith, embrace the paradox, and experience the Platypus – a legend in the making.

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