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Stallone To Draw The Last Blood As Rambo This September

Submitted by Logan on Sat, 06/01/2019 - 06:02
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Rambo Last Blood

It looks we’ll have to do another tally of kills to be made by Sylvester Stallone as he will be back again as Rambo which by its title, will be the final in the Rambo franchise. The franchise which was initially based on the 1972 Novel called “First Blood” by David Morell, turns a Vietnam veteran into the ultimate American killing machine that left a trail of bodies whenever he goes into a mission. The first four movies in the Rambo franchise have earned $727,873,237 in combined revenues worldwide.

The first Rambo, “First Blood” received well in Rotten Tomatoes whilst the “Rambo” the 2008 movie, was the lowest rated amongst the four movies and is also the lowest earning. “Rambo: Last Blood” is an on-and-off project that was initially given the title of “Rambo V: The Savage Hunt” in 2009 and is going to be based on the Hunter by James Byron Huggins and it is about Rambo going up against a genetically engineered creature. It was put on hold as Stallone started to work on Expendables 2, another action series that is known for the most number of action stars in one movie.

Rambo Last Blood

"Rambo: Last Blood" was announced a year ago and the story it is another story of love for his friends as he crosses into Mexico to go up against a drug cartel that kidnapped the daughter of one of his friends. Does he still have the skills as a Special Forces soldier during the Vietnam War to pull this off?

In the trailer, we see him in action with two of his stealth weapons, the bow and arrow (using a recursive bow instead of the compound bow) and a knife called the "Heartstopper" that was designed and produced by Dietmar Pohl of Pohl Force in Germany. But you probably, as an airsoft player, would be more interested in the firearms which he is shown using a lever action rifle which looks like to be a Winchester 1892, not sure though.

Rambo: Last Blood is directed by Adrian Grunbergis and distributed by Lionsgate. It is scheduled to be released on September 20, 2019.

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