Snap Survey on British Airsofters' Preparedness On The VCR Act


Today is 1 October 2007, the day on which the Violent Crime Reduction Act Provisions on Real Imitation Firearms (RIFs which also include airsoft guns) take effect. There were feverish activities leading to this day: Airsoft retailers going out of their way to accommodate purchases of Airsoft players to beat the date by opening last Sunday, 30 September, and the United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association (UKARA) investing in a player database to ensure that any customer of theirs is a bonafide airsoft player.

But what is the general sentiment on the ground --- among the airsoft players who are the most vital component in the airsoft community? There are lots of discussions going in UK airsoft forums regarding these provisions, with many giving conflicting interpretations on the VCRA provisions on RIF, giving the regular skirmishers various understandings on the VCRA at best, or feeling confused at worst. While the VCRA is a well-intended law to reduce gun crime whether these crimes are done using real firearms or RIFs, it might end up eroding the gains of the UK airsoft community in promoting the sport, which is to increase the number of players, make it more understandable to the British Public that airsoft is a harmless recreational sport that promotes teamwork, leadership and initiative, and that airsoft is a sport played by mature players who are responsible and law-abiding owners of replica firearms.


So how prepared are the British Airsoft players on the VCR Act? We take this snap survey to gauge the general sentiments and understanding of the UK-based airsoft players and hopefully come out with enlightening revelations on how prepared they are.  This survey will run from today until the 10th of October 2007 and we enjoin all UK airsofters to answer the questions we have provided.


We send our big thanks to all those who endeavored to answer the questions we have formulated. You can proceed to the survey by clicking on the image below:



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