Safariland & Haley Strategic Collaborate To Develop The New Incog X Holster

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Safariland & Haley Strategic Incog X Holster

Safariland, a leading global provider of safety products, has partnered with Haley Strategic Partners to launch the new and improved IWB Incog X holster. The holster is compatible with red dot sights and offers a concealed carry option for many handgun models.

Tim Drnec, VP of Marketing for Safariland, said “We are proud to partner with Haley Strategic Partners to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Incog holster with the new Incog X. This holster combines Safariland’s expertise in duty holsters with Haley Strategic Partner’s experience in training to create an elite concealment solution.”

The Incog X has adjustable tension and passive retention for a secure and smooth fit and draw. The holster can be worn in various positions for optimal concealment and comfort.

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Travis Haley, CEO of Haley Strategic, said “This collaboration with Safariland is a perfect opportunity to bring the next evolution of our original concealment holster to a wider audience. Their development, manufacturing, and market presence will help us deliver a game changing IWB holster that leverages our collective knowledge and skills.”

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This is a new and innovative IWB hybrid thermoformed holster that offers ergonomic, RDS-compatible, multi-positional, and deep concealment options. Developed in partnership with Safariland, this holster is designed to accommodate a wide variety of handguns and can be worn in different carry positions. It features passive trigger guard retention and adjustable ejection port retention for a custom fit and smooth draw. This holster is the perfect choice for those who want to carry their firearm concealed in comfort and style.

The Incog Holster has been improved with a set of clips that offer greater flexibility to the wearer while preserving the original design's superior grip, deep concealment, and dependable performance. The clips open outward and slide down with the holster, securely fastening over belts up to 1 3/4” wide. A finger tab enables easy installation or removal from belts, and an enhanced clip strut design merges functionality with customizable concealment shims that can be effortlessly installed or removed without the need for tools.

The holster body is made of microfiber suede wrapped Boltaron thermoplastic, which provides a soft feel against the body, exceptional impact strength, and resistance to chemicals and abrasions. It is suitable for use in even the most rigorous conditions.

The INCOG X can accommodate installed accessories such as threaded barrels, compensators, or suppressors if their width does not exceed that of the slide and their height does not extend above the slide. It is compatible with most backup iron sights, co-witnessing RDS, and suppressor height sights up to 13/32” (0.41”).

Compatible handguns are GLOCK 17/19, GLOCK 43/48, SIG P320, and SIG P365. For airsoft players looking into using the Incog X Holster can check with latest generation Glock and SIG pistol offerings from Tokyo Marui and VFC//Umarex/SIG Air ProForce as these have been designed to fit holsters made for the real world pistols.

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