Master Chief

27 Feb 2021

TM M-14: A Great Rifle to be With

Gungho Cowboy

To all you Full-Metal Jacket fans out there! A trivia question: what were the marine recruits holding on their right arms when they were shouting these lines?: "This is my rifle. This is my gun…

Going Bullpup? Try Tokyo Marui's FN P90 (Version 6)

Gungho Cowboy

Introduction If you don't want to be called a me too in bringing another MP5 Airsoft SMG to your CQB skirmishes, try going bullpup. Bullpups have the power of assault rifles while maintaining a shorter profile enabling you to go around tight spots in rooms and corners inside CQB sites. In…

DBoys M4 CASV: Great ACM


I think it is not making a good service to good Chinese airsoft makers to categorize their products under the “low end” section since in terms of performance, they can hold on their own against Japanese/Hong Kong/Taiwanese brands. I suggest that they be called LPHPs (Low Priced High Performance),…

Jing Gong Steyr AUG


Here it is, my long awaited STEYR AUG by JG (JING GONG of China). After a long delay due to my order's coincidence with the Chinese New Year, it has finally arrived. I still have to field test this in the warzone so meanwhile here's a visual review. Out Of The Box First the packaging.…

DBoys Full Metal M4 CQB SOPMOD First Impressions


First, a big thank you to Keith of RSOV... as usual, excellent service. This is the first FULL METAL ACM I have ever bought. Ever since I bought the JG AUG from RSOV, I just can't stop my self from acquiring more. But these days, the ACMs are sprouting like mushrooms, so we got to be careful with…

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