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Plan Beta I.C.U. 2.0 Tactical/Gun Camera

Plan Beta is a company that released an airsoft action camera named the I.C.U. (Integrated Camcorder Unit) Tacticam. This, they claim, is the first video camera made specifically for airsoft. The first generation ICU Tacticam did not make a good impression to airsofters and reviewers so now they have released their 2.0 HD 720P and they've sent us a sample with the gen 1 camera to review.


Tippmann Arms M4 CO2/HPA Rifle Part 2

I finally had the chance to take the Tippmann M4 HPA Airsoft carbine to the test. In Part 2 of this review I will talk about the M4 and also the kit that I used.  There are a lot of advantages using the Tippmann M4. One advantage is that there are no electronics in this RIF so it can virtually be used in any weather condition. Also, as I have mentioned in Part 1, it is compatible with Marui-compatible AEG magazines so it has that versatility of using mid caps or high cap mags depending on the users or type of game play.

Tippmann Arms M4 CO2/HPA Rifle Part 1

This review has been long overdue on my part. A new generation of HPA powered airsoft rifles has been already out for a good few years now and yet this is the first time that I have actually gotten my hands on one and finally an attempt to do a review.

Cybergun FNH FNX-45 Tactical GBB Pistol

I must confess, I have not used a side arm for about 10 months now. The reason behind this is because I wasn’t finding in the market a gun that would make want to have it. Especially most of the games I have been playing during the last 8-9 months were in the woodlands where you usually can manage without a sidearm.

RWA Agency Arms Urban Combat Slide Set

Back in August last year, we posted a press release from RWA about their newly acquired licensing agreement with Agency Arms. The agreement gave them the right to manufacture a slide set for the TM and WE airsoft Glock 17 which will give the pistol the Agency Arms Urban Combat pistol look. And, according to RWA, this is as close as you can get to the real deal.


Specna Arms SA-V04 KeyMod 9” Carbine

Specna Arms hasn’t been in the market for long, but it’s a brand that is quickly turning a lot of heads, especially when it comes to its quick spring change system to popular M4 AEGs. But apart from this I didn’t know much more about this brand and the quality of their products.

Airborne Airsoft Blitz CQB London

You can only call yourself a true Airsofter if you at least dare to try most styles of Airsoft games and several sites around your country, and at least one, if possible outside your country. And the more I get to know and experience new things, the more I want to try new sites and ways of playing. For instance I’m still to play in a big international game such as the Berget, or a milsim game. But there’s a time for everything, and this time it was the time for my first ever indoor CQB experience.

Rebel Tactical Customs Kydex Glock Holster

Here's the story... I have finally decided to retire my 10 year old Tokyo Marui 1911 GBB pistol, so I treated myself to a nice Tokyo Marui Glock 17 GBB. I am very happy with the pistol. It is very solid and the build quality is superb as expected with Tokyo Marui products. My only problem is that, I don't have a holster for it.

Ragecams 12mm Lens For Contour Action Cams

Have you ever wanted to see the actual moment where you get to hit one of your opponents by recording the gameplay on your action camera, and once you get home all you see is a small indistinguishable black dot?

Well, Ragecams definitely have the solution for that, if you have a Gopro, Sony or Contour action cameras. All it requires is a slightly fiddly but not that hard installation and you’re good to go!

JJ Airsoft XPS 3-2 & XPS 2-Z Red Dot Sights

Recently I received the JJ Airsoft XPS Red dot sight in two very similar versions, but with very distinctive features: the XPS 3-2 and the XPS 2-Z. I had reviewed EOTech style sights in the past from different brands and even JJ Airsoft, and most were quite a mix where usually the lenses were so tinted you couldn’t see much when indoors, or you would get to much reflection.